Exway X1 or Bamboo GT?

Question, should I purchase a brand new Exway X1 or second-hand bamboo GT?

Both are around the $1000 AUD mark and am looking to buy a prebuilt.

Thanks for any and all input :+1:

A second hand Exway X1^^

Haha c’est toi nono ? :joy::joy: Yeah thé exway is very cool (a new one is coming !) Evolve could be good if it comes with an at kit too

No no it’s not me :joy: but yeah just wait for the X1 pro, looks awesome

Why do you want a pre built?


@nono_fr The pro is already out but costs a fair bit more.

@Grozniy it’s a long story. My Diy build has been out of commission for almost two years and it has literally killed me spending so much money on something that I only got to ride for a week or two :sob::sob:

I miss that feeling so much and just want to ride again!

Down the road I’ll part out my old diy and start afresh. But for now I just want to ride again!

I would say get a X1 pro. Evolve coming out with new stuff.

I would like to but it’s simply out of my budget, the X1 easily goes for under 1000 AU shipped in australia whereas the pro costs over $300 more…

I think the pro is worth it. 50% more battery and future belt upgrade.

Then get X1, it will be new, with warranty and you’ll have some fun

Prebuilts have gone a long way since two years ago. They went from death machines to something that you can actually ride comfortably. I would say go with the Exway…Evolve is still what they were two years ago.


if it makes any difference Evolve currently have a 10th Birthday sale on

Can get a brand new Bamboo GT for $1,199 AUD

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@Mikenopolis absolutely they have! My plan is to eventually go all out on a diy with a unity, haya, surfrodz, gear drive build, but for now I have a limited budget and don’t have the luxury of spending over 2K on a diy :joy:

Which brings us to resale value since I’ll most likely sell and upgrade to the diy down the road, I’d imagine evolve would have better resale value?

@MasterSpoon I didn’t consider purchasing new from evolve! The price does seem quite affordable where I may be willing to spring the extra $$$, especially if the resale value is better.

Go for the Onan 4wd for 800 buck shipping included. Nealy same performance than the evolve gt but on hubs and FOC mode. Itz a beast! peace

the new exway 1 pro !

Haven’t read anything positive about the Onan…

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If I was getting a cheap board to use while a build was down or something I’d be looking at the new backfire board. Its like $600 i think.

I don’t have one, but they seem like a decent deal for the price considering they use 30Q cells and decent trucks. Comes with 97mm wheels too.

You probably also couldn’t really go wrong for the money with some of the other cheap boards(Wowgo, Meepo ect…). All of the above brands seem to have sold a lot of units, and most people seem to be happy.

I think I even saw a meepo deal the other day for like $350. EDIT: close, $389 https://www.meepoboard.com/boards/classic/

Stay away from slim boards that you cannot see where they’re hidding the battery. Just imagine the range for such a board :-1:. For large production ones just spill their guts, grab their hardware, drop their electronics (with just few exceptions) and start over with the way you want your dreamed DIY.

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Yeah the first gen had some issues, but they are solved. There are some reviews on youtube about the 4WD. Im riding for about 1/2 year now without a single issue.

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By that logic the Hyper Beast range is trash. It’s not about where the batteries are but what the batteries are.

The proper way should be to look at reviews across multiple platforms to get a gauge of the boards average performance. By doing so one you can that the exway suffers from short range and voltage sag. The Pro is meant to solve this , but that will take some time to see multi-platform testimonials in regards to it’s performance.

Keep in mind this is for the OP Getting out of the DIY game , not in.