Exway x1 Pro battery upgrade

Hi I’m new to the forum and esk8, so I’m sorry for the noob question. I have recently brought a exway x1 pro (I know this site is more about building your own boards) as you may already know range is the biggest set back with this pre built. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in a sense of if it’s a lot to change out the battery cells for higher capacity pack for longer range?

Once again sorry for the noob question.

that is the one with the battery inside the deck? very slim design?

can you share a photo of the label on the charger?

Yes that is correct I’m at work now but will send a photo through. I’m an electrician by trade but mainly switchboard design. I’ve not got so much experience with battery, I had a read of the link you sent or n the other thread regarding the basics I think I have a good grasp of things now.

51 volt charger. So a 12s battery? 4.25v per cell… doesn’t really make sense.

What does it say on the battery label?

What is the voltage on pack when fully charged?

Some one has told me it’s a 12s lipo arrangement there is only one place where I have found that sells them

ok, so not so straight forwards, but not impossible.

this guy does something similar

and shows how he charges.

Byson, did you buy the battery for your Exway X1 Pro from the above website Boardlife? thanks I need to know so I can order one for my X1 Pro thanks