Exway X1 pro, raptor 2.1 or diy?

Hi, i’ve been torn on what to do. I’ve been riding around on my meepo for 2 years now and i wanna upgrade to something better.

I had decided to but the raptor, only to realise i probably wont recieve it untill after summer. Then i was looking at the exway x1 pro board, but theres little info about the company and not that many reviews on the board yet. And no good comparing videos that i’ve seen. I want to be sure the power of the board will satisfy me if im paying over 10k for it.

And then i’ve been also looking into maby buildning my own board. buying the r-spec motor kit and building a board around it. But it seems pretty complicated and i have zero experience in building a board.

Should i just buy the exway or build my own board? And can i finnish it within a month?

I recommend building if you have the patience and determination for it. It can be a lot of effort and a lot of waiting for parts, but in the end it’s worth it to get the board you want and the knowledge you get along the way.

Otherwise, if you’re interested I have a Raptor 2.1 and 2.0 for sale refurbished by yours truly. Comes with 1 month warranty.


Look on the subreddit.

No one will know what power will satisfy you exactly. Do you want more torque? Speed? Acceleration?

Depends on what you build, but generally, no.


I think you’d be happy with the Exway Pro’s power, but most likely not the range. It’s a great 2nd board but I could never use it as my #1.

Why are you considering only hubs?

Ok thank you, i will look into building a bit more and what i would need to aquire👍

The exway is better than the raptor but you will also need to acquire a range extender as the battery isn’t very big

Ok. Well because they look abit more stealthy imo. And the good pre build belt boards are pretty pricey to me (evolve and boosted). And i kind of want my board to roll if im not giving throttle, to wich my understanding is that the belt drives dont do that?

“better” is subjective depending on how you rank each feature

I wouldn’t recommend a raptor to anyone


While true belt drives don’t roll as well, they still roll decent enough. I’ve kicked a mile on my belt board just fine and if you take off the belt you can kick even better than hubs. Also it’s not true that belt drives are much louder than hubs, they’re only marginally louder.


The hubs vs. belts roll issue is totally overstated. The difference is not that pronounced. However, the ride difference between the two types is very noticeable.

Exway’s urethane sleeve is quite good, but four full urethane wheels are much better.

Well I class better as not breaking down constantly and having to replace parts which in turn must be replaced by more parts and so on.

Also the range probably isn’t much better than the exway as I’ve heard the hubs eat amps and have terrible wh/km.

The only thing it has going for it is a high top speed and that’s if you can reach it without the hubs overheating or locking up on you during the acceleration

Range extender? As in a bigger battery?

I think the question should be between Metroboard and DIY. Honestly, there’s no reason to get Raptor or Exway [or Evolve or Boosted or Meepo] when Metroboard is much better.

Plus, metroboard is very compatible with DIY parts and the newest model even has VESCs I hear. So you could always add DIY parts to metroboard. With something like Exway, you’re stuck with what came from the factory unless you consider a front truck change “upgrading”, because that’s basically all you can do with china hub motor boards like Exway or Raptor.


Have you seen the x1 pros reviews lately? I know of at least 4 people already with motor, firmware, esc problems. I’m not saying the X1 is worse in this regard, just that everyone has growing pains, even Enertion.

As for range, there is no contest that the Enertion would beat the x1 pro twice over in this competition. BAESK8 riders with them can go upwards of 20 miles without charging where the x1 pro has been getting awful range at half the advertised 16 miles.

No the hubs do not over heat at full speed or lock up :roll_eyes:

Board Range Fun Torque Speed Reliability Stealth Get It Now
X1 Pro :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:(at higher battery levels) :white_check_mark:(at higher battery levels) :white_check_mark:(except firmware 1.4) :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Raptor 2.1 :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Metroboard :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: It Depends :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
DIY :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: It Depends It Depends

As you can see you’re not really going to get it all in any case. You have to prioritize what you want and go for that. Take your time, do your research, have fun, don’t make rash decisions.


I started with a Ownboard W1S. Then ordered Raptor 2.1 because it felt like a logical advancement. It’s not delivered yet. While waiting I started to plan a DIY customized to my liking and now all the parts are ordered. I’m really looking forward to building it once all the parts are in. It’s my first build and I have done my fair share of reading on this forum. The Raptor? Not so interesting anymore, will probably never ride it and try to sell it once it arrives.

It appears you mustn’t have seen any of @SeanHacker’s reviews or any of the other members here stating the wh per mi consumption can be higher than pneumatics

The exway is still the first model of this board so there are bound to be some slight problems. But the raptor is already into its supposedly fixed versions with the same problems still occuring

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You were comparing the x1 pro’s range vs the raptor 2’s range. I said it will easily beat it, thats it. I’m not talking about it’s effiency. If you want to take the bet, I’d gladly wager money on it.

Just because the X1 pro is under a different name doesn’t mean it’s the first model of the board. It’s the second just as the 2.1 is, though perhaps moreso.

Agreed with everything summarized in @sofu 's post.

@Jbetty your first criteria should be reliability cause no matter how cool, fast or powerful your board is, you won’t ride it if it doesn’t starts or if it locks/harm/kills you on your way.

While I hate Metroboard’s tankish look, it’s the definition of function over form. Lot of good feedback and high speeds for a pre built. Reliable and powerful and big range. If you don’t mind the look, go for it.

While I’d love to ride a Raptor, I would not trust a stock one unless it goes under some magic from one of the esteemed builders here, which is flawed for a prebuilt board. It sure can be fantastic but be sure that you’ll have to spend on it if you want to ride it.

You could try look for a Raptor deck, some strong hubs or even DD (manages heat better) and build the internals by yourself to your needs. But at this point you can also go full DIY with an Evo or a Haya deck for example. Stealthy big ranged board with custom specs.

As for the Exway, from a french rider’s feedback (Nono) it does fantastic for him despite low range (note : he weights 75kg). He rides his boards roughly so I expect this one to be pretty good since he didn’t broke it yet. So good ratio price /product.

In the end what’s your budget ? There’s a ton of choice around. Not just these boards. You can get a board from one of the big guys here if you can afford it too.

Have you looked into Lacroix boards ? AT style for Smooth ride? I get the feeling that you’re not sure of what you want.