Ez-Roller | Yocher Palm City dropdown | Caliber II Trucks | Turnigy SK8 6374 149kv | HK Mount | 10S5p Diyeboard | HK SK8 VESC

So I have been stoked on the idea of an eBoard since the first freebord and boosted board hit the market! I am just now getting around to building one up for the first time. I’m trying my best to do it right, but keep cost down… I know insert the pick 2 joke here… hahaha I have been talking to my local esk8 group here in Sacramento, and they have been awesome answering my questions and calming my concerns! They have even offered me some parts to help get me going. Amazing group of guys!!! So a big shot out to them!

I bought this cheep Yoacher deck at first just to mush with my dog.


Can’t say I had great luck with it tho. I snapped my first one a week in under normal cruising conditions. Took it back and got a replacement… Same deck tho… Within another week i snapped the rear truck kingpin… lol cheap crap!!! I replaced the trucks this time with Cal II’s as I knew these had motor mounts designed for them.

So moving forward I wanted to keep things a little cheaper but not too cheep I decided on Hobbyking components for the build. SK8 6374 149Kv 189049

HK Motor Mount and Cover 125531125545

HK SK8 VESC 189672

So a local guy Jeff hooked me up with some parts on the cheep. A HK SK3, HK motor mount, and a HK VESC. Super awesome dude! At the moment I started using the parts for mock up.

I started to think about clearance issues with the dropdown deck. So I ordered some 97mm Flywheel clones. This helped me out with 2 things. It gave me more ground clearance and gave me a wheel I can print a pulley for to test different gearing before buying a pulley set I don’t need. 35628962_652450301763246_7520109649324933120_n35648076_652450408429902_5403416334107148288_n35553343_652450491763227_2781744824632475648_n35559133_652450461763230_1230354658237612032_n

You can see I’m gonna have clearance issues between motor and deck. This brought me to printing up some risers. This should help with groung clearance between battery and ground, as well motor to board. I also ordered up some 2.5" hardware as with the 1"riser I wanted some room to wedge the trucks to make the ride super stable. 35671388_652450498429893_3480284730924990464_n

Right now I am waiting on my battery from @diyeboard a 10s5p 10ah 360wh. I know its only 2000mah cells but this is an area where i cut some cost. I also chose because a lot of other gear is included. I also ordered their rc2 TX/RX controller setup. I hope it makes some descent range. (1) Battery Pack – 36V 360WH with 10S5P 10Ah 18650 50cells, with BMS built-in the pack. (1) ESC & Battery 2 in 1 Enclosure with Wiring, with battery voltage LCD indicator and power on/off switch. (1) 10S 42V 2A Battery Charger (1) Hardwares set(bolts used to fix to the deck) (1) EVA Foam Pad 1516702785014981244800

I am currently looking for a good place to start with gearing. I think I might of found it, but only testing will tell the truth.

http://calc.esk8.today/config/?type=3.6&scells=10&pcells=5&cc=2.15&da=10&mda=20&kv=192&poles=14&eff=85&wheel=97&mp=14&wp=38&wpm=18 gearingv2%20192

If you have read this far thank you! Also feel free to offer suggestions or areas to watch out for. Right now I feel like I have just enough info to be dangerous! hahaha


Well I am making a revision. I hope this make sense. Due to me running 97mm wheels, and the 192kv 6374 not being in stock. I have canceled my order and reordered a 149kv 6374 SK8 motor. The battery and esc combo I have picked is not gonna deliver more than 40amps. The 192kv is capable of 4400watts at 100amps, while the 149kv 3500watts at 80amps. From this I think the 149kv might make more power than the 192kv at the same limited amount of 40amps. Well I am hoping it is a wise decision anyways. LOL Anyways here is a revised gearing guess for the 149kv setup.

gearingv2%20149%20adv http://calc.esk8.today/config/?type=3.6&scells=10&pcells=5&cc=2.15&da=10&mda=20&kv=149&poles=14&eff=85&wheel=97&mp=16&wp=34&wpm=18 :ok_hand:

Thanks again for stopping by to take a look!

So stoked to get Ez-Roller going. Didn’t think I was gonna have it together for the 4th of July, but my battery and motor are due in this coming week! So the build process is about to begin!!! Much excitement wow!!!

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Cont. Discharge and Max Discharge should be 10A and 20A respectively, for this battery pack. The calculator is taking into account amperage per cell in that field.

If you use the same values in the advanced calculator, same website, it also gives an estimate on hill incline percentage.

hahaha yep took another look and it figures out the pack amps for you. Thanks for the tip I will correct the OP. Thanks again!

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Little update. My battery, remote, motor, and belt cover came in. My ground clearance is only 1.5". This drop-down deck is just gonna be temporary. IMG_20180625_142053 IMG_20180625_162100 IMG_20180625_214855IMG_20180625_203535IMG_20180625_203349IMG_20180626_114850IMG_20180626_091157IMG_20180626_092411

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Well I got it put together and boy this is everything I hoped it would be! Had a blast day 1! The parts seem to be working well together. My gearing changed a little bit, I ended up with a 16/38 which is getting me up to 20 21mph. I need to mess with truck angles as about 18 19 mph it gets a little wobble but you can hold it. Wouldnt want to go much faster than that with this setup. Day 2 I tested range started the day with a slower pace ride with the kids on the bike trail. We rode 12 miles at a 8 to 12 mph pace. Then the rest of the day I rode normal 15 to 20 mph and ended the day with about 26 miles on one charge. This is pretty good and makes me happy with the build! Only issues I am having is my hobbyking sk8 motor is wanting to clog or sputter on the start I get a bout 3 clogs then it goes smooth after that. Not sure whats up with it. It didn’t do it at all the first day then started in the second or 3rd charge. Sometimes it will start smooth and other times it hits about 3 times then goes smooth. Maybe someone can point me to the problem or the fix. I am running the HK 4.12 vesc in sensored foc mode with the HK SK8 6374 149KV. Anyways thanks for the visit and reading about my project!

I found a broken sensor wire at the plug. 1666901925438799671

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Hi, Thanks for sharing all the information. I orderd sk8-6374 149kv from HK, and thier VESC. Did you change any parameters using a vesc tool?

You need to plug in the vesc into your computer and using vesc tool do a motor detection i’d go for bldc. If you have questions converning vesc setup serch on this forum its full of information on the subject.

I run a dual sk8 6374 130kv setup with focbox