F/S 5amp and 8amp - 10s charger and 12s charger - 42v - 50.4 lith-ion

10s charger and 12s charger available

10s 5amp $35 5.5mm x 2.5mm barrel 1lb 10s 8amp $55 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel 2lb 12s 8amp $60 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel 2.5lb (aluminum/silver color only) buy more than one and I can save u a few bucks, no bulk rate tho sorry

plus shipping, local pickup in nyc. If youre feeling ambitious on calc. shipping charge it comes from 06854 (can possibly save u a couple bucks on the heavier units)

Ride hard, charge fast! Only a few available so first come first serve… If you have a 2.5mm charge port i have some converter plugs I can include.

Testing during charging showed it was within advertised tolerance.

For 8amp - If you have any concerns about your charging wiring I can provide a 3.5mm bullet connectors… You however will have to solder them on.

As a side note 20ga wire is rated at 12amps, and 22awg at 8amps (roughly) so most builds built properly should be sufficient. A red JST is rated at 5amps so charging at 8amps is recommended to upgrade to either bullet connectors, xt30 (minimum) or a deans… what ever fits your fancy.

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D’ya got stock for EU? I need one like that shipped to France :wink:

If u wanna pay shipping then sure… Youd also need a plug converter or you can cut the wires on your own and resolder… Yur choice… Lemme know if interested… Ships from 06854 if you want to price it

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this thing is a beast… i charged from 23% to full stop in literally 1 hour! 3 left party people!

no offense but why would I pay $75 shipped when it’s $46 shipped from China



click on the 8amp option and tell me if its still that price… right now that pic only shows 6amp max… and wait time from china


I dont think the plug can handle 8amps

Which plug? The charge port or the plug off the charger? I havent noticed any heat during charging…

For EU you can get this one Schau, was ich auf AliExpress gefunden

Probably ± the same price but you can order it with the right power plugs


Thanks for the link!


2 chargers left… whos else wants a 4p full charge in an hour?? its actually quite awesome…

also forgot i snapped a couple internal pics… the wires leading to the barrel appear to be an appropriate gauge…

1012182251_HDR 1012182252_HDR

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I’ll take one

Is it safe to use on a 4p? I purchased it for my 12s8p but if I can use it on my 4p that would be great lol

Also what balance wire thickness do you recommend? Right now I have 22gauge rolls but have not finished the battery in case I need something thicker.

yeah cells can handle 4amps each… so a 4p would be good up to 16amp or 32 for you 8p… i saw a 15amp charger the other day… its like a fucking mini computer tower lol…

22 is the minimum at 8amps… 20 would be fine as that s rate for 12amps… the only thing i changed was my jst connector as theyre supposedly rated at 5amps… so 3.5mm bullets… xt30 or larger… deans connect… any of those are more than enough IMO

if you dont have anything bigger than the 22ga on hand you could just use two pieces side by side as well…

Hmm if 22 can handle it I’ll use it. But I’d rather buy a thicker wire than use 2 wires in paralelle cause the jst connector would be a bitch lol

yeah youll be fine… what i noticed from most of my prefabbed batteries that most had 20ga wire so thats what i bought before i schooled myself on amperage specs n stuff… this last build i used 18ga for OCD insurance =P

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you cant hijack my for sale thread, bad form… anyways… maybe same price with shipping but no actual ship date… couldt be a week could be a month… if im in a hurry i buy domestic and eat the cost its not a biggie if you want it that bad…

sorry, i wasnt aware it was a for sale thread, i thought it was information sharing since i saw someone else link a charger as well… ill remove the links.

I know black fridays around the corner, so if you need a charger to match that there battery pack I gotchu! Thx

You still got these for sale?