F/S Black Firefly Remote *SOLD*

Since I’m home for Labor Day weekend, I had the chance to look at and repair a reported defective unit. It’s an all black Firefly remote. Normally I’d offer this to my spreadsheet of interested buyers from this summer, but due to only being home for a couple days, I’d like this sold as soon as possible. So first come, first serve! As a heads up, I’m trying to build 2 more of these as well this weekend, so keep an eye out for another thread with those.

Price: $120 Shipped in the US Will include: remote, receiver, and wrist strap. Remote also has a programmable USB port. Pictured below: IMG_2367 IMG_2368

what type of info is shown in the LCD? also how reliable is the signal?

Shows speed, distance traveled, and battery percentage.

Item is now sold.

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