Fail safe device

Hi! Can i use fail safe for my esk8 build? Something like this:


or no point of them?

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I think that is a great idea. Have not tried my self but will have to get one and evaluate.

You can get one and report on the performance and use of this device. :wink:

I don’t think it’s needed as any remote available today should have a failsafe built in already. You do hear a lot about runaways because I’m sure people aren’t setting the failsafe correctly. You should be able to turn off your remote at speed with no worries like I do sometimes for “science.”

I have Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System, i don’t think it has fail safe in it !

The first looks interesting. the second applys brake servo (which we don’t have).

Ultimately i’d rather get the failsafe in my VESC tested working how i want than trust a $5 failsafe that might fail and hit brakes for me unexpectedly…

I still have to open my board to rebind my winning remote, my failsafe does not work at the moment, if I turn off the remote while riding, it brakes hard =( when it should be free rolling

If you don’t have failsafe in your remote I would stop riding immediately. I have rc cars capable of going over 60mph and having had failsafe not set correctly was the scariest thing ever because it went full throttle in a park where there’s people. I can’t imagine even being on a board with no control your putting yourself in unneeded risk. Remotes can still fail even with failsafe set correctly but it’s minimal. These failsafes might work but seem like unneeded connection failure points if receiver has failsafe.

I haven’t ridden it once I found out, I’m still waiting for heat shrink and USB extension to add into it so didn’t want to open it up yet

I would not try the second failsafe! It applies the brake to slow you down. The problem is: “how fast will it break an E-Board to stand still?”

Even if you have a drop out you are not aware of the sudden break. If the receiver just shuts i can always manage to stay on the board. But i think i will fall off with the brake function…

Looks like this could add a layer of safety to those cheap-ass ppm receivers. I would definitely give this a try if I were running an RC TX/RX with an esc.

If you’re running a VESC you don’t need this, it has its own fail-safe functionality.