Failsafe: DIY's 2.4Ghz Mini Remote

Does anyone know how to enable the failsafe on this? I bound mine to the receiver and it defaults to full throttle when I turn it off.

When binding, you need to remove the bind plug before you turn the setup off.

Once you do that and you turn the remote off it shouldn’t default to full throttle when it’s off.


edit: It works, I just used an old misbehaving multirotor esc to bind it

I never had this problem with mine. I think I did the bind with the esc disconnected. Don’t think I unplugged the bind jumper while it was on but its been a while so i’m not sure.

@Juiced 10char

Is there a way to disable the failsafe on this remote? When I loose connection or the battery in the remote dies, it slams on the breaks. Super dangerous.

You’ll want to remove the bind loop before you turn off your board/setup.

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So if I rebind my remote, but remove the bind loop-key-thing before turning off the ESC (MAX6) Then the receiver will default to a neutral position rather than full acceleration or full breaking In the event of signal loss or the battery in the remote dying?

@Homer900 - Yeah, it will just coast. Try it. Let us know if you still have issues.

Still Is throwing on the breaks when I turn off the remote