Fake 12S1P battery on the Inboard?

They just take up so much space… That’s probably why inboard dropped em.

I remember Samsung was their battery supplier until they dropped out. I don’t know if Samsung makes lifepo’s though.

Nah I am pretty sure they don’t. They are all about that high energy density.

cough The Note 7 cough


Slightly off topic, but in the official Benchwheel commercial, they advertised Samsung lifepo cells. When i looked up the model number in the advert it wasn’t a lifepo cell, and even worse, when i opened up my benchwheel, it wasn’t even Samsung cells, just some generic no name 18650 lol.


LOL how many boards have you bought?

Benchwheel is basically just a huge chinese manufacture making a bunch of boards and selling them wholesale to anyone… they are just selling the cheapest parts to make the most profit. I’m surprised it wasn’t Lipos.

Two, the benchwheel and carbon gt. I have 1 completed diy and another carbon build on the way. The Benchwheel mechanical parts are actually pretty quality and I’ll be building another board out of the parts.

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Just depends on how you pack them :wink: I much prefer having 70A constant at my disposal than 20A constant.

Anyone tried to make a different housing to wire up more packs in parallele? It does lack hill climbing power and torque but that’s not strange when you look at this battery.

IF you have an ImBoard 1 then making beiiger pack wont help…the max power is also for sure limited by the electronics so it cant damage the battery…you would have to change the brain of the skateboard which is not a good idea in case of InBoard…maybe you could change the settings somehow, their support might help…

Their support refuse to believe that you can handle even swapping bearings so getting help there is prolly no point trying. I found a USB port on it but since I don’t have the SW that won’t do much either :confused:

Where would you put more batteries?

On top of the ones sitting there. I wouldn’t mind 2cm on top of deck if it doubled the performance.

Was out riding my board again and in the start of the pack it has much more torque. If I made a 12S3P back would I be able to keep this longer or do they have something calculating the consumed mAh to guesstimate whats left on the pack? And is it usualy to put the amp limit in the BMS or in the ESC on the mainboard?

Typically you will have more torque and top end when the battery is fully charged since it has more voltage to work with. Not sure about their ESC but with the VESC you can set it up to start reducing the power at some voltage limit so they may have something similar to throttle the system down to get better range. That said if the power is going through the BMS to get to the ESC then it could be limited by both. Typically they don’t really monitor the mah though just use a voltage reading to guesstimate how much power they have left.

Is it possible to only change out the lipo’s in the battery pack? Like wrapping the 18650’s in shrink wrap, making a copy of the pack and changing only that out?

Does anyone know the name of the magnet connector used on the m1 packs. I want to make my own batteries using better cells and would like to use the factory charger.

Magnetic charging connector is something I tried to find, but I’ve had no luck. Everything I’ve found that was similar was only for currents 1A and lower… unless Inboard is using those I couldn’t find them.

I never owned an Inboard but wouldn’t getting your own charger with separate charging plugs be easier? Who knows if the Inboard one will work with a random battery/BMS.

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You better use a 4A charger so you can charge really quick. It will be definitely easier for you to switch and not keep the magnet connector it’s gonna be a hassle to find.

Did you manage to build your own battery pack? Do you have the files to 3d print the cover? I can find them in internet.

Cheers man

Ordered everything last week so I’m waiting for parts to arrive. I may model the pack at some point but for now I do not plan on printing the case. Just going to heatshrink the pack and throw some foam in the tray so it doesn’t slide around. Also gave up on the magnet connector just gonna charge through the power lead.

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