"Fake" Loaded Vanguard Decks for sale

I’ve built my own loaded dervish deck recently an. The result was unreal…i was actually proud of myself haha. There made of 5.5mm plywood with 3 sheets together. I added a bend in the middle for more flex and looks. the ride is so so smooth with the kegel wheels as well. Ill upload some pics tomorrow of them. Will be selling them for £40 per blank deck. Shipping around the EU varies and other places varies. Drop me a pm or drop a message below if you want to purchase or for more images. :slight_smile:


Interested to see how these look!

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More info please @Charster10

Is it baltic birch, bamboo, maple? What concave will the deck have and how will you press it? Will it have a camber?

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@lox897 its made of canadian plywood. Its very stable. I pressed mine and make a slight bend like this image below.

this isn’t my deck but its pretty identical and this is the bend in the middle.

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The curve where it goes into the nose and tail almost looks a little too rounded and aggressive in comparison to a vanguard. Vanguards do go outwards as they taper into the nose/tail, but it’s a little more subtle.

Regardless though, nice work making your own deck :slight_smile: making my own vanguard-like deck is on my list of things to as well since I’m too cheap to just buy a vanguard haha.

Hey buddy,

are you still doing this ? I’d be interested in one :slight_smile: Any pics of the finished deck ?

Same actually. Is it more stiff?

looks cool. i wqas thinking of making my own deck but putting a fiber glass core in the middle.

@TranxFu Still interested in one?

im intrested could you give more images

hey Charster10, I would like to buy this Longboard deck. Are you still selling it? If yes, please send me a message on [email protected]

regards, Himanshu

im interested too, any more info or project died?

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@agent @saybot I have a couple left:)

plan on building any more decks? not this one specicially, something a tad bit more rigid?

Got some video of the flex? Curious about how it compares to an actual loaded.

I haven’t planned on doing it. I can build some to someone’s specs if they wanted. They would have to provide the template or I can draw it and then I build it and ship it

I don’t actually, I have a custom rig I made which is purely made for travelling, I can upload some videos of that if needed. It’s just a tad smaller than a penny board but a much better and unique design

Yeah any pics would be great. I have to say though, a 3 x 5.5mm ply deck sounds rather heavy. How does the weight compare?

pictures of your deck would be great.

Is this still active? I need a new board so…

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