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Falcon 1200w chinese board wont charge anymore

Hey guys, new to the forum and could really use some help from someone who knows the electronics of these boards. The board ran great for about a week, then one day i rode it dead. Walked about 3 miles home, hooked it to the charger and the indicator on the charger said it had a full charge even though my remote said red.

Plugged it in for 3 hours, then went to ride it and got about 100 yards and it died.

Now, i cant even get it to turn on at all.

I spent all my money on this board to get to and from work, was in a bad motorcycle accident that gave me post traumatic arthritis of the spine and push kicking a board 10 miles a day is doing a number on my spine.

Any ideas as to how i can go about testing or fixing the components?

I’d open it up and see if any solderd joints broke

Thats my next step on sunday. Been working doubles all week. Maybe a loose connection or something.

Somebody should open a E board repair shop.

All these China boards will keep them busy.


Hi, I suggest you take a look at this two videos and others from the same guy. Maybe you will learn something that can help you fixing your longboard:

Ive actually been chatting with circuit haha. Thanks thought, his vids did give me a few thoughts. Just want a general opinion or to see if anyone has had the same issue

It’s prob the bms of its not charging correctly… Broke. Solder joint or blown bms …replacing it with the same thing isn’t prob gonna help…because it will just happen again… The board is set up like any other DIY build … Just in a neat package with crap parts lol… But like the dude in the video…you could replace the parts with better ones … Essentially what would fail is the BMS, ESC or Motor…

If you would be able to replace those 3 things to better parts…using the same enclosure, remote, broad, trucks and mounts…you would have an excellent ride

Ok. Thats what im figuring at this point. Been learning a LOT over the past few days so i can try and get it there. Just trying to figure out a better esc/vesc and bms combo. The motor is perfect, just need that charge and i know th esc is a garbage one so i wanna replace that anyways.

I’ve only seen the videos of the board…but from what I see it’s simple … But that’s me…

You can find replacements easy…prob the hardest thing to find are the motors… I’d try to find out what kv motor they are using … That would be a good upgrade and change the game

The motor it came with is amazing. I think the only things needing upgrading are the esc and bmc. When it did get a charge, the motor ran like a dream and could carry the load i needed

I’m sure that has to do with the esc programming…do you know if that is a sensored motor…there would be a 4th group of wires from the motor…much smaller …

Anyway … Yeah if it ain’t broke…

Do you know the voltage of the board?