Family First! :)

I know a lot of us spend a considerable amount of time here on the forum researching, checking our threads, and just having fun hearing about what the latest happenings are. This is all awesome and we are a family of sorts, but events recently in my life have refocused my attention on some very important realities. We got to make sure that we put our families first. Over the past few days, my 17year old niece has been having medical issues and is in the hospital. She complained about chest pain and started passing out. They took her to the hospital and she got worse. The doctors don’t know what is wrong with her and my family is in turmoil over the issue. She doesn’t do drugs or anything. She is kind and very responsible for her age. I would ask you guys to help me out with prayers, meditations, and positive vibes. Whatever beliefs that you have is OK with me. I’m having a lot of trouble with this because I’m her big bad uncle and I feel helpless to do anything to help her. My soul aches. I can only watch and hope. So my point is, while you are reading this, to take time to appreciate what you have and care for the ones that are closest to you. This moment and in perpetuity…All we have are these moments and they are so incredibly precious. I love you guys…Pass it on, bruthas! Peace.:v: BTW: Her name is Brooklyne…


@Ulfberht thinking you, your niece, and hoping for the very best.

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Thanks bro! I’m super grateful for the Hospital WiFi right now…It’s keeping me sane. LOL

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You are right @Ulfberht, family first.

The issues we’re having with our gear or some suppliers are nothing when it comes to the real important things. Like family and health.

Sending some positive vibes over the pond. Keep sane, that’s the best you can do for everybody.


Family comes first always. The rest are just minor inconveniences. I hope your niece gets better.


Sending good vibes mn i hope she gets better


Sending good luck - Im 17 years old and last year i started to get chest pain it was a very difficult time for me thankfully it only lasted a week and got medication and i am good now


Could you tell me what it was? The doctors still haven’t given us a prognosis yet. Maybe it’s something similar to what you went through. :v:

I had Vitamin D deficiency - I had to have some blood tests and such. But my doctor knew it wasnt too serious because the likelihood of me having an heart attack as a healthy teenager was really low and since i am of Indian descent it is difficult for me to have vitamin d. Had some blood tests done and a week later got vitamin d pills where i took 5 each day for the first 5 days and now having 1 every two weeks for the next two weeks. But still if i dont have these pills or my vit d levels are low i will get some chest pains. At the start i was really worried - thought i was going to die etc but now the pills have helped. Also when i get under stressful situations or anything like that they can occur again.

“Vitamin D is integral for bone health, and severe deficiency can cause rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Although osteomalacia can cause severe generalized bone pain, there are only a few case reports of chest pain associated with vitamin D deficiency”

Basically what happened to me.

Since your niece is white she might not have the same problem as me but if she was brown i could almost certainily tell you it will be somewhere near that problem.

Good luck bro - hope shes ok and make sure she doesnt worry too much as i know it just makes it worse

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@ajaynagra Thanks! That could very well be an issue for her as well. She is a picky eater and eats quite a bit of junk foods. Any information that I can get makes me feel a lot better about the situation. They did blood tests already, but we haven’t heard back yet on that. Vitamin D? WOW!! I didn’t know a deficiency could cause those symptoms. Very interesting. Thanks again for the kind words! You rock, man! :v:

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Yeah Vit D can be easily controlled but if you are in country where you dont have access to any healthcare/medicine it can be fatal - easy solution though (vit d pills).

symptoms of vit D deficiency

Fatigue. General muscle pain and weakness. Muscle cramps. Joint pain. Chronic pain. Weight gain. High blood pressure. Restless sleep.

Good luck again lets hope it isnt anything really bad

Edit - High Blood Pressure is an easy indication for me that my vit d levels are low

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Good news! They are releasing her from the hospital! They have her stabilized and medicated and her heart rate has been pretty consistent, but her blood pressure is a little high. It was high then low, then high before…Weird…Still no definitive answer on what is wrong, but hopefully the blood tests will tell us more. At least she gets to go home and relax. I feel much better now…I’m going to go home wash the “hospital” off of me and go out for some Mexican food and have a beer! :grinning::beer:


Good to hear! Hope all turns out for the best.

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Hope the good news keeps coming :sunny:

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Enjoy the beer mate. Sending thoughts from NZ and wishing you and your family all the best.

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Wishing you all the best!

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I bet that was the best beer you have had for a very long time. :slight_smile: Hope it all keeps on going well. Best wishes from across the waters.

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Hope things turn out soon for the better. My wifes nephew goes into hopsital tomorrow morning to have a non maglignant tumor type growth to the side of his head. My wife has had migranes since last Thursday worrying about him. Hes 21 and has his whole life ahead of him. Last year he began a jewellery apprentaship and has been doing great at it. He has finally found something he can put his energy into. Most young ppl can’t do that and fhey just float around.

The operation should be fine as long as it goes well.

At the end of the day at least he has a diagnosis and this is the surgery he has been waiting months for is finally have.

Hope your doctors find your neices cause soon. All yoh can do is be there for her.


YEAH MAN! I always have to remind myself that none of you dudes or your pending orders matter as much as my wife, 2 year old boy & newborn baby girl…

finding balance is hard… & lately, you guys have been nagging me more than the wife…

hope your niece gets well soon


Glad to hear she has been released, chest pain and blood pressure irregularities can be difficult for doctors to diagnose. Most often it can be attributed to lifestyle and diet or simply anxiety.

Keep us updated, your niece will be in our thoughts. Hope she feels better now thats she is home.

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