Fanthom Braking on ESC

Hi, hope you guys can help. Haven’t found this problem here.

I installed Flipsky dual 6.6 Esc. Works fine. Problem is that at very low rpm, when I want to accelerate with the remote (maytech), instead of acceleration the esc applies the brake. This only at low speed. At faster speeds all is fine.

Any input?

Is this a constant issue? Have you tried simply reconnecting the controller? When connecting it will change your input deadband if brake/throttle is applied in the slightest.

Hi Fourteeoz Yes, constant issue. When I slow down, at slow walking speed, when I want to accelerate the motors start braking and stutter for about 2 sec and and then start accelerating.

So its from low rpm - to near a stop when accelerating and then finally pick up speed. It nearly threw me off. Now that I know I can adjust, however if this happen doing jumps or slow carving , I be on the ground.

Did some adjustments on vesc tool. Seems I found a way to get rid of that fanthom braking.

However, will only know after testing this afternoon.

Anybody else have this problem?

One more thing: its not the same like what has been discussed in other treads I believe. Its not an stuttering or jitteriness at low speed. Its an effective braking when pulling the remote trigger to speed up from low speed.

Really wonder if someone else has that.

Looks like I am the only one.