Fast and cheap construction


I also need to make a simple and cheap construction for a friend with this diyeboard kit:

Although I have not read very good opinions of this batteries. Will it work better with a 10s3p 30 Q from Samsung?

Which battery do you think is best for this kit?


Fast, Cheap, Good. You get to pick any two. You haven’t selected “Good”. Keep that in mind…


That’s true! :wink: Although the budget is limited I thought it would improve quite a bit by adding good cells

Get the 10s3p 30q it will end up with more range due to less voltage sag


Thanks, the problem is that I do not know if the current is limited in this esc and it is a waste of money to put the 10s3p 30q

How does costing work out if you just buy that AT kit without the esc? You could get a more trusted less expensive esc and the 30q pac. Then at least you won’t need to replace those two parts in 6 months when you’re replacing everything else on the board.

what cheaper Esc would you recommend? My friend wants a pre-assembled AT kit, plug and play (without deck) and with a budget of about $ 1000, so I thought of a diyeboard kit but improving the battery.

I appreciate the goal and quite honestly you’d struggle to assemble anything for anywhere near that price in individual parts.

There’s a long list of people here who have had great success with the torqueboards esc, hobbyking esk8 or even maytech but you’d need a new remote and reciever, bms and the list goes on and on.

It may not be achievable on your budget and certainly not easier

That kit has quite a few bad reviews. Do some searches…

Matter of fact I do not know of one AT kit that is under 1k, besides the chinese made one… This is something that you will need to build if you want any reliability. It wouldn’t be hard to kit together a clone with dual 50mm cans, trucks, Vesc/esc, deck and premade battery for under 1k if you do some searching.

Actually talk to @boramiNYC as he has had success with the kit. He would be better in answering your questions about that kit.

$1000 dollars is plenty for an all terrain board. Just pick your parts wisely and it’s not hard. A lot of member on this forum don’t dig around to find better deals, but if you do making budget boards is super simple. Have a look at my build threads and you will see for two boards it cost me about $1100 Aud.

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I don’t have that same kit, but I had experience with the battery pack and the ESC v2.1. It’d be helpful to know how demanding your friend is with his ride. Riding over 20mph or many hills will deplete the battery very quickly. The battery pack and ESC are not designed for high performance. For riding below 15mph and pretty flat terrain, it can last 15 miles or more. For high demand rides, I think 30Q 10s3p may give you slightly more range, but for low demand rides, my guess is they would be similar.

Thank you all for the response. This forum is an incredible help to solve any doubt. Finally I think we will mount a Focbox with a 6374 and a 10s3p (about 700 €) to later create a dual Focbox. Although for two motor the 60A BMS are divided between the two? In that case it would be better to put a 12s5p 100A BMS 645Wh

Another more economical option would be to work with Lipo?


You actually need only 80a BMS maximum but 60 will still work. Of course is better to go with more cells. 12s5p is double :scream: Don’t buy lipo, you’ll change them later and lose money. Search for battery builders in this forum, maybe someone can cut you a great deal or even sell a lightly used battery. Don’t worry much because li-ion have plenty of cycle life

@willpark16 just had a 12s battery at an amazing price. Not sure if it sold yet.