FastBoard Prototype

G’day G’day! Thought I’d drop a line in here. I’ve spent the past two years developing a prototype 4WD electric board with the intention of going into small scale production for the REAL fanatics out there. I plan to develop a more moderate 2WD version also. I come from a downhill skateboarding background and enjoy riding at what most would consider very high speeds. Based in Perth, Western Australia. Here are the general details of the board:

Power: Roughly 10kW 4WD direct drive configuration Top speed: 120kmph+ have clocked it at 107kmph so far, need to test on a smoother road.

I’ll keep posting as things progress.

Will attempt to break the official Guinness world record in the next few months


I’f you have questions, ask away but I won’t be releasing any design detail on the prototype.


You’re on the wrong forum dude. Head over to forum.


I’ve seen your videos, craaazy! Would love to read more on your setup. Noticed only your right hand is behind your back, are you holding the nose with your left?

Ah I tried to find this video ages ago. Glad I get to see it again…

This is nuts! Fair play to you mate. Like @anon26002665 said above, head on over to forum dot esk8 dot news as that’s where everything is/has transitioned to. Enjoy!