Faster than 40 Mph

Why does it seem like there is not too many people on this forum that like to go as fast as possible . I have built boards for like 3 of my friends and showed many others how to but I cant find any one who enjoys trying to keep up with me . my gearing is a bit different than thhappy with there setups and really don’t want to try to go faster is there anyone near s.f. that wants to sk8 with me that enjoys going as fast as possible im getting bored shredding alone or going slow with friends

sorry for the typos lets just say I wanna go fast with others but nobody wants to ride fast

join a downhill group since those speeds are warm up rides for us :). I found it hard to also find esk8ters who share my passion for speed hunting. So I reserve this for solo rides in the alpes or when we go downhill twice a week. It just takes skill, patience, protection and solid respect. It is good to rmember to never loose respect from those typ of speeds. I myself as somone who experienced what happens when your body gets stopped from 50km/h to 0 by a tree, I would wish that poeple would treat it the way they should, and in surroundings where they don’t edager others.( no in the city, not urban at all, outside as far away as possible from anyone)


I like my life more than rolling over 40 Mph. I could try it with proper equipment, but roads here are so bad that it’s very dangerous.

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I’d rather not die.

I leave the Darwin Award to others :wink:


well, Its everything or almost everything fro some of us.

A journey into our world for you.


Do you actually go to some DH Events? Maybe we can do a meetup at one of them?

Downhill is more of a sport for its thrilling speed.

Esk8ing is more of a effective method of transportation so we want to get from point A to point B without dying or visiting a hospital.


I was very activ back in the day. after my accident 5 yeard ago, I am still in recovery and still have operations planed. Though I am trying to get rdy again and take part in races next summer.

true. To eatch their own. I see my esk8 more as a sport utility tool, to “donwhill” on flats. But I mean there is no wrong or right use. If it does the job you want it to and you have fun doing it, then you are oding it right :slight_smile:

I feel you. My ankle is still not perfect, so i will not ride any races, but i still go to some events to see friends.

Not sure if i am makeing it to kozakov this year, but i will definately be in Insul and at Hohenstaufen here in Germany. But maybe i will ride at some smaller events nonetheless (Vulkanradweg, or something in that shape) .

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Yes I was at the one in Palo Alto a few months ago

I would love to go to more but tesla kinda has me on a short leash as far as free time which is why I do most of my riding at night

Where you call home?

I am from Southern Germany, but i am attending events all over europe.

I am in half moon bay small little town outside San Francisco

Yeah, saddly for me it was not only the ankle, more like broken vertebras, ribs, shoulder plate, fingers, arm, ripped stomach, ripped diaphragm etc…

the price we pay I guess :slight_smile:

I dont know either if I will attent it this year. If I were there I would do more than I should/can atm. So in order to protect myself from myself, I won’t attend anything this year.

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but souther germany ? I am often in Oberstdorf/Allgau/Bayern. Since your steepest mountain pass is there, and since they renovated it 3 years ago, it makes for one of the best rides in europe. Mayby we will meet there once this summer :slight_smile:

Well, it was more than the ankle as well, but i was extremely lucky and the rest healed very good. (Highsider into a tree, very comfortable). I am getting the last 2 TI Screws removed in May.

I also need to lock myself into my house when i am injured to not make it worse.

I hope you get well soon.

I am from baden-württemberg, but who knows. We have some nice hills around here as well. To much tourism and party idiots in Oberstdorf IMHO.

This track is 10 minutes from my house:

It is on the slower side but it has some awesome fun corners.