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Hello everybody. Right now I’m looking for a good charger for my esk8. I currently have a 6s bms, powered by two 3s 5000 mAh LiPo’s in series. Those LiPo’s are connected to a 6s 12A BMS. I had a charger first, but it was slow and I broke it by letting it slip out of my hands. So right now I’m looking for a new affordable charger. And with that I was wondering what the most powerful safe charger is for my set-up.

P.S. Does anybody know how to calculate charge time?

25.2 V 8A charger 25.2 V 12A 11A 10A charger

What is the max charge rating of your Lipo ? I guess it’s 2C but you need this exact information if you want the fastest charger for your setup.

Recommendations differs from people to people. Mine are 0.5C to 1C is ok, 0.8C is the best IMO.

Keep in mind my sk8r dude that the faster you charge your batteries the less cycles they can support.

Lipos are fine up to 2.5c… you should see my 44ah field charging pack that I charge at 110amps. Lipos take charge alot easier then li-ion and typically have half of the IR a Li-ion does…if not lower…

Liions I try to stay under or around 1c…

DAM!!! What charger you rollin?

According to hobbyking it can charge max 5C.

@bartroosen12 They look nice, but for my budget they are really expensive and I don’t really know if my set-up can support such a charge.

Two 406b in parallel with the two channels combined (can do up to 140A)


These are power supplies, not chargers. They will not work unless your batteries incorporate a charging circuit . Most eskates have a BMS so you should be ok. I am afraid if you want to charge lipos properly you will have to fork out some cash and get a decent charger.

Is that a marine type lead acid battery? These have a very low IR and can charge and discharge at very high currents. I use a 1600kva generator, 2x modified server power supplies and a 1344W charger to charge my lipos at 4-8C without any ill effect to the batteries. When time permits I go for the lower charge current though.

No… It’s two multistar 22Ah 6s lipo in parallel for 44Ah

So you have 2x 406Duo chargers? That is some serious power my friend.

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3 pins for charging? image

I made it as a field charger so the lot of us could go to the field and fly drones all day and continuously charge our packs. :slight_smile:

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Nice. I fly RC helicopters but I needed a generator because my 700 uses up 2x 6S 5000mAh batteries every 6min. That means that if I want to fly for more than a few times I need a generator or a couple of big capacity marine type lead acid batteries (and these weigh a lot more than my generator).

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Jesus fucking Christ 110amps??

That is funny. I saw some of your YouTube videos. We both fly RCs, have the same deck (Landyachtz Evo) and the same helmet (blue TSG Pass)

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Power supplies work fine for charging.

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