Fastest charger

If your batteries incorporate some sort of BMS then yes. An intelligent charger on the other hand gives so many more options.

It’s an old discussion but u can charge fine w a power supply. It just need be regulated.
Balancing can be done on side

I have already agreed with you as far as electric skateboards go. However I would love to hear how I can charge my 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S and 6S lipos of various capacities with a power supply without a charger.

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I’ve got an adjustable 8amp power supply. Just have to make sure not over charging cells. Generally. I’ve had discussion many times now. CV and cc are not so important. Must be regulated supply.

What is the range of adjustments for voltage and current of that supply may I ask?

0 to 60 with adjustment knob n LCD screen. Got one in box still can sell u for its cost at 60$ from amazon been t haven’t seen it available for a while

So how can I dial down the current to charge my Trex 150 Lipos (2s 300mAh) cause I know they cannot handle 8A?

You can’t. Not w the standard power supply without. Current control. Typical power supply just a constant voltage. Maybe get a drok or something to control current

That’s just a charger? I have used these in all my builds, off course the batteries needs a bms for charging. You won’t connect them directly to the batteries. I use a 6S2P lipo pack (10Ah) with a 6S bms (12A max charging current) works perfect for me

Look in the discription, there are only 2 pins connected. You can choose different types of connectors, just leave a message to the seller when you buy which you want :wink:


That’s the point he’s making… Can’t charge a lipo without a bms… Can’t install a bms in those batteries because they won’t fit on aircraft.

Ie it’s not safe to charge with a power supply and no bms…

In esk8 just install a bms. But the general idea here is don’t charge lithium without a balance circuit/over voltage circuit. And if your using a bms, don’t use a charger with a current rated higher then said battery can handle.

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I charge lipo without bms all the time. But its not just me and pretty common on diy bikes. To each their own.

On a hobby charger with a balance function, I hope. If not, good luck, hope you don’t burn your house down.

If €40 is to much, how much do you want to pay for a charger?

Just a power supply w balance discharger on the side works for many people n u can get the balance discharger at hobbyking or elsewhere for about 15 . If u look at rcgroups in the fire section faulty balance chargers are responsible for a lot of fires.
As long as ur aware of the voltages before charging n check while charging n charge somewhere safe…that’s considered safe enough by many. N bms aren’t failproof either

So you have a balance function. That’s the same thing as temporarily hooking up a BMS except there’s no over voltage protection. That’s a perfectly fine way to charge…

But you still cannot charge without a balance function, well you can but your risking fire. Don’t advertise that it can be done without a balance function, that’s just dumbassery.

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I said balance on the side w discharge balancer.

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I think we can cap your discussion by saying YES you CAN charge w/o an expensive charger and just use a balance discharger. BUT That’s prob. not the best to recommend to most of the people here. It is most definitely a more dangerous option and less plug and play.

Hummie has that way, read his posts above to learn more, otherwise a slightly safer route is by getting a more expensive balance charger.

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Right now I have an european input, so 1, 3 or 5. As output I have S or G, but I’m not sure.

If I spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on batteries I will make damn sure I will use the proper equipment to charge them and not risk damage to the batteries or my property. Having the ability to adjust parameters such as the maximum charging voltage per cell allows for increased life and performance of the battery. Still a power supply (even an adjustable one) cannot charge all the types of batteries as exhibited in my previous post.