Fastest recorded speed on a longboard

Listen to the sound!


thats a dangerous speed for a damn car!


I can’t get over the sound!


That is pure beauty. That sound is insane.

Insane!! What board is that, I couldn’t tell?

fucking hell! that is insane! that sound!

Update: Comments on YouTube point to the Rayne Kyle Wester Vandal. The overall shape is a better fit to the board in the video, so I think this might be correct. Exactly why he’s riding a Rayne board with “Santa Cruz” on the bottom is a mystery to me. Here’s the board:

Right at the very end you can see “Santa Cruz” written on the board. I checked out their site, and although it’s not specifically called out, this board looks similar:

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a normal longboard beats every electric longboard, it’s our turn

Santa Cruz probably just footed the bill, but I did see a comment about Rayne being owned by Santa Cruz or vice versa

what trucks is he using? speed wobbles at that speed could = Death

Led to believe he’s using the 45° Roadrider downhills.

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And i get speed wabbles at 35 mph.

101.9 mph! Not a longboard but has Ronin trucks and flywheels

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On Sept 16 2017, at the L’Ultime Descente, Emily Pross reach 135.00 km/h 83.88 mph, Pete Connolly 146.73kph, 91.17mph. . record/ . ( sorry it is in french the event is Quebecquois )

Was just watching/listening to the sound of Wester whipping by camera at same time plane was taking off (I live by MSP airport) and honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the 2. i had to rewind video after his first pass by camera, cause i thought i was just hearing the plane.

INSANE! but super cool to watch/listen.

Pete Connolly record

It’s actually 89… not 83…

Edit : I missed the new 91mph record… The old record was 83 if I’m not mistaken and Kyle had the unofficial one in the video above…

Damn that’s fast as fuuuck. .I get speed wobbles at 10mph wtf

It’s actually now 91mph. It was recently set by Tim Del