Fastest Wheels in the world 73mm with only 16.5mm of thane

For most builders In the world of esk8, performance matters! I suppose that’s why we all like to build our own rigs?

Lately, there has been lots of debate about performance & wheel size & design for electric skateboards. I found it very interesting to learn that the fastest speed on a non-powered electric skateboard was achieved using 73mm wheels with minimal urethane thickness!

This is what they say: The larger core adds to the performance by supporting the wheel and maintaining it’s shape under serious high speed and weight loads. This helps both maintain exit speed, and straight-line acceleration.

These wheels are called: ROAD RIDER “SHREDMAGS”

Interestingly, they are also made in china: learn more here

Not many longboarders use above 76mm from my experience. The only reason for using anything above that is to counteract the roughness of certain roads and going over bumps. The only reason i opted for 80mm wheels is that the city i live in has streetcar/trolley tracks everywhere, and 80mm wheels are just big enough for peace of mind to not eat shit if i accidentally go over the tracks head on and not diagonal.

If anyone is interested in what the fastest downhill riders on earth are using, here is a table with wheel size and width etc…

thanks for your scientific analysis

I think its good to have some facts on the table. keeps everyone honest.

Excuse for the stupid question, I am not very smart.

But are 100mm slower than 73mm wheels ?

(with same compound and contact patch)

honestly, i have no idea, there are many variables that play a role in this. Hardness & core size etc.

However, based on what the pro riders are doing i can assume larger wheels are not actually faster for downhill events.

The way I understand it is that to the 100mm will be slower, but they will have a higher top speed. If you go too big then it takes too long to hit your speed, and in a race you don’t really want that. In a race you want to make the turn and then tuck and speed up as fast as you can. That’s way racers use 78 and alike.

I’ve pushed around on some monster wheels, and it’s a real workout pushing a set of big wheels up to speed. 78mm wheels spin up nice and fast, and there is just less mass to get moving.

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