FatBoy HV ESC - 18S 150A Electric Speed Controller

Hi guys, after designing, and redesigning the design we finally reached the point where we kinda have almost semi-final design which we will start testing soon on the boards :slight_smile:

So let me introduce you to the new FatBoy family member HV ESC


Hardware Features:

  • STM32 microprocessor
  • DirectFET mosfets
  • Independent Gate Drivers / Current Amplifiers
  • Hall / Rotary Encoder support
  • CAN/UART interface
  • Voltage 4S-18S (15V - 80V absolute maximums)
  • Current up to 100A - 150A

This ESC will be available in single/dual configuration and will be using our CNC machined aluminium cases for outside/inside enclosure mounting with high-efficiency heat dissipation which allows us to provide higher constant currents.


At the moment it is still in development but several hints it will be based on FreeRTOS and motor control libraries which would allow more precise sensored / sensorless applications.

For the prototyping and first devices, I have adapted VESC firmware to run on my hardware design.

Current project status:

Today we have received parts and PCB, soldered power and MCU stage everything looks fine will continue tomorrow and after we make aluminium cases for it I will begin testing in the field in my projects afterwards we will begin beta tests with several people and later on if everything is successful will be available to purchase from our online store.





Looks awesome , what distinct advantages/ improvements will this have over VESC’s ? Will this be your “Jarvis/Friday” for your Mark 48?


One if the biggest I guess “DRV-less” design, independent power supply from gate drivers and etc. Higher voltage support. Software wise I am using industrial level software components with algorithms used in enterprise applications so it should be much smoother and better control loops.

Yes, I will be using these as 18S ESC on my Mark 48 as “booster controllers” :joy:


Can’t tell if this is a joke because you are an absolute madman. Been killing it in the innovate game. Excited to see you progress. Absolute great job man


I was nurturing this design since last October and just finally got moving on faster after I started working on Mark 48 project :slight_smile: But because of my own lack of resources I transferred all prototyping work to my father who is assembling them now :wink:

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With the way you’ve come in here and done what you have so far, I have a strong feeling you’re going to be the next Vedder. Thanks for everything you’ve brought to the table here so far! I’ll buy whatever you come out with!


Can I get on te beta testing?

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Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: I just like to create things and with help with my father we make those ideas reality :slight_smile:

P.S. Who don’t remember first versions of this esc :smiley:

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Sign me up!

I will punish the ESC

:heart_eyes: amazing!!!

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Dual esc with heatsink… im in.... This is next level..... Once again, DIY is raising the bar... Boosted, evolve and others, no thanks.... Its just toys

Glad to se the “next Vedder” is actually on the forum, where everything happens.

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Awesome idea :wink: How much would dual cost?

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Was just about to order a set of focbox… Maybe I’lll just wait.

I don’t think it will see day light in 1-2 months for sure… Regarding the price I can tell it will be for sure more expensive than ESCapes as gate drivers and etc cost a bit more plus it will come with the case…

Also there are some discussion regarding making single unified connector based on XT90 design for motors and sensor wire :slight_smile:


(18*4.2v)*150a = 11340w :open_mouth:

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More like 10kw at nominal if you account for voltage sag. Still quite a bit.

Yeah, it should peak at around 10kW, but idea the higher voltage less current you need to consume to produce the same power :slight_smile: That’s it will be coming with fully fledged case so it could handle those currents without going into melting :smiley:

For e.g. same 4kW would require only 50A @ 18S instead of 80A


Ya think :joy:

What sort of constant wattage (amp/voltage) out put do you predict Kugy?

Cant tell you nothing without real life testing :confused:

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What guage or cross section (mm2) wire are you going to use?