FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive 1:(2.8, 2.6, 2.4)

Hey guys some news regarding Urethane Gear Drive. There were some design changes and some new stuff happening with this drive.

A design was changed to a sealed aluminium housing with a choice to submerge gears in oil for silent operation. (Oil fill port, V-Ring included). Now fits 6374 motors on all angles thanks to included CNC machine 230mm Caliber II style hanger made out of 7075 Aluminium with Titanium axles. (Maybe would fit 6380 at some angles).

FatBoy 230 Hanger will be available to buy separately for those who want to use 6384 with wider belts (should work with all Calibre || style mounts)

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Prices would be:

  • FatBoy Mini Drive Train + FatBoy 230 Hanger would be 400€ (excl. VAT) + Shipping
  • FatBoy 230 Hanger 100€ (excl. VAT) + Shipping

Prices can be decreased if we could make a group buy…

Now several questions:

Would you be interested in buying one?

  • Yes
  • No

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If there would be a group buy would you participate in buying it?

  • Yes
  • No

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Depending on answers we will decide to make this or not, because on the standard TB218 hanger without sacrificing gear quality and running into clearance issues is not really possible to run bigger motors than 6355. It does not apply to all decks but most popular decks and angles will run into issues. We don’t want to release “working” product to the market.


Would it be possible to make the hangers like a few mm wider so the new 6380’s could fit at any angle…?

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It’s not few mm, difference is like 12mm

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Oh shit… But 6380’s still fit at some angles you said. Can you elaborate on that please? :slight_smile:

At horizontal position to the axle then motors doesn’t touch the baseplate you can fit what you want in the center, lift up by 15º and then you turn it will hit baseplate.

So for the dual 6380’s the hanger would need to be 242mm… Damn that’s pretty wide, lol.

I recall discussing making a extended length hanger and you were saying that with the extra length you would be worried about the hanger potentially being able to bend or warp. Have you gone with steel like I suggested for the hangers or did you do something else to prevent this from potentially happening…?

We are going with 230mm which is 12mm longer 6mm on the sides not noticeable difference plus CNC machined 7075 which is much stronger than casted and also titanium axles with normal thread at then end :wink:


Would it be possible to order a hanger that’s 242mm from you guys if one wanted to run dual 6380’s?

Maybe, but then the cost would be not 100€

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Do you have just an estimate of what that might cost? $150, $200? Just an estimate, no one is gonna come to you and say ‘well I saw you said it be this price’. Lol :wink:

About how much further would the motors need to be away from the trucks (length of the gear drives) so that regardless of what size 63mm motor, they could all be used without any clearance issues? I read one of the beta testers posts earlier he said he managed to avoid the clearance issue by milling his own base plate and using low profile bolts, and a few other things… Just curious how much it would take in terms of extra length to where all these clearance issues could be resolved.

Can’t tell you nothing, because I don’t really know, and I think single unit will not be available, would require more than one unit to make it.

Regarding size, take now current size for e.g. 84-74 = 10mm and multiple by 2 that’s how much longer hanger needs to be :wink:

No I didn’t mean clearance from the hanger, but if the gear drive put the motor a little further apart, how much further would they need to be so motor clearance wouldn’t be an issue, using regular TB 218 trucks / hanger?

I don’t understand what you want @uigiroux

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Can’t you do all this with the drive gear you’re making? Seems like the thing to do with one of the prototypes

Which machining service do you use? 100 Euro/hanger sounds relatively cheap. Why are you using titanium over e.g. 17-4 ph stainless steel for the axle stubs and what’s the hanger profile dimensions?


Never mind. Yes I can do that with our design, I was just curious how much clearance there was with with the base plate.

Submerging in oil sounds very cool, I hope it works out!

Will there be option to use TB 218 or standard Caliber II? Some people don’t need that much power (dual 6374) and can definitely get away with dual 6364 or even single drive.

We machine stuff on our own, apart titanium axles. We are using titanium to make the axles stronger as they are long and on wider stance can bend. I have seen many TB218 with bend axles… Hanger profile is similar to Caliber but without full bevel, but it should fit all mounts as all key surfaces match up :wink:

@rpasichnyk I think yes, but don’t know yet about buying single drive…

Also another question:

How many of you would like to buy just the hanger?

  • Yes
  • No

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So if you dont want/need the hanger does that make the price 300 euro? And is that price for a single or dual setup?