FatBoy Sparky Switch 300A 60V Anti-Spark Switch

Maybe you can make explicit what this means to you. I’m inferring 100a from the pack for 1min at a time?

The people intetsted are probably the power users and “normal” means different things to different people.

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What he said, and some of us are shameless hardware-junkies!

I do like the headroom in this design

In my opinion, “normal esk8 loads” means 8kW peak for up to 1 minute and 500W continuous

At least, that’s what it means to me…


Yeah that’s right I mean you can do peak 15kW if you want and you wires, connectors will hold it for sure and do like 2kW constant :slight_smile: otherwise you will need actively cool it down

I am riding myself 10kW setup and never even seen more than 2kW peak per motor (I am running 5:1 high torque setup so current is way higher than normal setups)


Any momentary button will work, even shortening the wires like in movies

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Is it possible to order one of these with everything hooked up for an extra fee? Push button, fuse, LED, etc…

Sorry this is DIY kit… Everyone uses different configuration and adapt to their own needs…

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Ok no worries. Do you have any left in stock?

Yes there is some left, but I can’t guarantee it will be in stock several days later…



Still available :slight_smile: Also working on smaller version for not so hard core riders


I’m considering getting this but I need a good bms for it

You can use this wired around your BMS like a loopkey if you want to

Ohhhh no I meant I haven’t been able to find a good bms that I can use with it , tbh I’m overthinking it

For 10S, a bestech D190 is good but I’m sure there are better (smaller) ones out there

That big one is super reliable but the size of it made it a tad impracticle for my application

The D190 is not the big one, I think that’s the D131

Oh sweet I’ll check that one out

May I inquire if it’s done yet? :slight_smile:

I got mine it’s larger than expected but I can make it fit. I’m considering having part of the heat sink stick out of the enclosure to have it air cooled but that may be Overkill for my set up.

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I’m kind of a big fan of overkill

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