Fatdaddy to become one of the official Enertion repair centers for Europe

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Fatdaddy are to become an official repair center in Europe for Enertion, which is interesting! more to come in this area too apparently


They also will sell some BNIP R2.1 :star_struck:

That’s good and all but sending my raptor to Fatdaddy is 90€. The prior way of sending out spares for customers for themselves to exchange was way better, especially for us who have experience with esk8s.

Now I have to send it in to have a battery change… :roll_eyes:


Our boards don’t “break after a few miles”

Our board quality now is better then its ever been. Still working out kinks but I’m proud of where we have come.


They will be an official repair center but not the only

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I’ve proven that they do multiple times over a year and a half. The Raptor 2 has almost taken my life multiple times because of cheap, poorly qc’d parts. I’m not alone in this and I’m sure you know that. The others just don’t post here. They post on the other forum. :wink:

This is exactly what you should say considering it’s the company that pays you.


I won’t sit and argue with you on the topic. We can agree to disagree.

That’s fine. But I know that you guys know that you’ve been sending me huge expensive piles of shit for boards that are dangerous as fuck. It’s a china board with a cool skin on it. Thanks for that!


Go and hate speech somewhere else pls. Wtf man fatdaddy is doin lots of Good things and tbis is another upgrade to help people with their esk8 in europe!


Sorry you feel that way Sean. I feel like we have went above and beyond with your case and all cases for that matter.

We spared no expense to try to solve your problem. Money was not an issue when trying to get your Raptor up to par.

I won’t sit and insult you as I have respect for you, I hope you can reciprocate that. If you ever need any more help with your Raptor, do not hesitate to contact me. You know (and I have proven to you many times) That I am always willing to help.

Edit: I would like to add that bashing Enertion on all platforms is not the best way to help us in improving. It actually hurts us quite a lot. What are we without a positive public image? Nothing. All the negative comments and feedback can ‘keep us down’ if you know what I mean. I have read your statements in the past claiming that you want Enertion to succeed. I’ll tell you right now that you are not helping.


Sorry allow me to correct that

Edit - done

Will the pre-ordered raptor 2.1 really be shipped by the end of March? Or maybe a little earlier