I am working on a dual 6374 build and have a gremlin problem.

I am getting FAULT_CODE_ABS_OVER_CURRENT on both FOCBOXes but only when both motors are running via CANBUS. I can run the individual motors/FOCBOX without issue.

Fault : FAULT_CODE_ABS_OVER_CURRENT Current : 86.1 Current filtered : 135.7 Voltage : 37.79 Duty : 0.52 RPM : 37191.9 Tacho : 16403 Cycles running : 28 TIM duty : 3932 TIM val samp : 1903 TIM current samp : 5652 TIM top : 7498 Comm step : 2 Temperature : 30.70

So far I have replaced: FOCBOX x 2 Bullet Connectors BMS Remote and RX module

but the issue persists…

Anyone got any suggestions ? @barajabali @Blasto

For fun, reverse the focbox roles. Make master the slave, slave the master. Without changing any hardware

Do you have any mechanical symptoms? Stuttering? Weird noises from motors?

I had this issue on rspecs because they were shorting out, totally unnoticeable for the first while, so I ignored it, kept riding for a few weeks until it started randomly throwing full brakes (shorting) on me.

Maybe its your motors? In my professional noob opinion.

it seems to be something sensor related.

I am running sensorless BLDC without an issue. I will check the sensor cable wiring tomorrow, but it’s weird that the both the motors detected the sensors okay and run independently in sensored mode without an issue.

I also get this when im running on dual focbox with your dual 6374, but it never caused me any problems whilst riding.

this is odd! I have built more than a few dual boards using my 6374s and dual FOCBOX without this issue. I did extend the phase leads so I suspect that must be the cause.

Go split!!!..?

did you found the problem? I have a similar problem. Motor detection running without problems. but I get the fault when sensor is connected. if disconnect sensor wires no fault at all.