Feather Remote Parts Kits - US - 1 KIT LEFT

I’m going to be selling some parts kits for the Feather remote created by and with the blessing of @StefanMe. This is a well designed and feature packed remote.

My parts kits will include fully assembled remote pcb, the assemble pcb receiver, misc such as bearings, throttle spring, hardware, cables, and with the option of the extension board led light controller. End user will only need to provide the 3D printed shell and battery. Links can be found in the thread linked above and/or I will provide.

I’m going to start off with a small batch as I have some assembled already with just a few parts left due to arrive in the next few days. Based on interest I can have more made in a couple of weeks. $130 shipped within the US , + $15 for the optional extension board. Payment by PayPal, buyer responsible for PayPal fees please. First come, first serve. Please post interest here or PM for details and availability. Thanks !


Slightly smaller but should work ! Found by @Indiangummy



Pricing? 10char


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looks awesome, I’d be interested! PM sent

Pretty sure price must be in the thread

Added pricing

That’s a pretty steep price. Maybe more understandable if it’s a finished remote. I’d prob pay $130 for the finished remote but in that state most people would have to spend at least $20 more finishing it.


The shell isn’t expensive and if I remember correctly Stefan was selling for 160 euro, I think 130 USD is acceptable for the most desireable part of the system

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I personally thought $160 for this remote, regardless of how cool it is, is quite overpriced. Even $110 or $130 is a lot but is understandable given the complexity of the remote.

The price is just that high, because of the quite expensive Feather Modules from adafruit.

I have to pay 60€ just for the two feathers. Batteries, OLEDs, bearings, print parts(filament ect.), PCBs, Software,… puh… 160€ is not that much. And then there is nothing assambled.

Defeonitly 160€ is a lot of Money, but believe me… it’s a lot of work for me. Specially the testing and research.


Three kits left , two extension boards left in this batch. Thanks for everyone’s support :+1:


I don’t need to reserve mine… Right :joy::joy:


Hey if you’re interested I got the fully assembled photon remote for $150 obo lol

Sorry @PickSix24 for hijacking your thread lol.

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Nope you’re all good


1 remote slot left , extension board optional.

I’ll take the last slot


All spots for this batch filled. Thanks everyone


Battery link suggestions and shell file link added

Any suggestions on a 3D printer? Trying not to spend $40-$60 on the shell :sweat:

Are you in the us? I’l print you one