FeatherRemote for Sale! First batch - closed

Hey guys, I did a lot of testing the last days. And I am happy with the results! The Remote is ready for the first orders! Detailed information u ll find here:

I want one please fill out the order file. I ll start building after I received the payment.

  • FeatherRemote Advanced Get the full package, with remote and advanced receiver assembled and ready to start! The advanced features include a receiver PCB with 10s to 12V step down (3A) to use simple and small motorbike breaklights and headlights. Adaptive break light support. (bigger receiver)

  • FeatherRemote Basic Get the full package with remote and basic receiver assembled. Includes 5pin JST connector to simply connect the receiver to the VESC/FOCBOX. (smaller receiver)

  • FeatherRemote DIY Get two PCBs with mounted and precoded Ardunios/FeathersM0 combinations to print or create your own FeatherRemote as u like.

FeatherRemote advanced (FeatherRemote, FeatherReceiver Advanced) 160€ FeatherRemote basic (FeatherRemote. FeatherReceiver Basic) 130€ FeatherRemote DIY (Adafruit Feather precoded with PCB for remote and receiver all other parts must be provided by your own!) 80€

IMG_7293 D37CC652-A8C5-40CE-AFFD-94754835438D IMG_7187

I ll accept 10 orders for the first batch and will support each order on setup ect. For more questions just sent me a message!


How big is the basic receiver ? And do you mind sharing the STL file for the enclosure, so we could testprint, and se if it fits nicely in the hand ?

Do you take custom color request ?

Maybe… send me a message about the color and we ll see.

@Silverline I ll response u tomorrow about the size of the receiver.


Didn’t read the full other thread - but do you also provide the source?

No sorry. The code will not be open source for yet.

First batch is closed.

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Do any other DIY purchasers from the USA want to go in on a group buy for the additional components? Seems most of the extra parts can only be purchased in quantities ranging from 5-20 units (resistors, hall switch, JST terminals, etc).

When is the start of the second batch? :yum:

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No plans at the moment. I ll finish producing the first batch at the end of this week/beginning of the next week! Then we collect the feedback from the first batch and maybe start the next batch before Christmas!

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Any word on these bad boys

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Put me down for b2 diy pls

If I have One that came with the basic receiver can I update and buy an advanced receiver from u so as to use the light feature? And if so, Do you have any extras so as I don’t have to wait for 2 round?