Featherweight | Vanguard | FVT(died) Hobbywing Max 6 | 6S LIPO | Caliber 2 | Keda 230kv

My first build was OTT. Went all out trying to make it look as polished as possible. This time I went for simplicity. I found a vanguard flex 3 on gumtree for $120 and decided to make a lightweight cruiser for my fiance. She didn’t even know she needed one.

I wanted to try the FVT since I am using multistar 5.2aH 6s batteries, want to see how plug and play esc’s work so I can fully apreciate the vesc. Using the enertion 190kv 6355 for now, I have some Keda 240kv motors which I’ll swap out when I fit pulleys to them. I used a multistar lipo carry case for the enclosure and carry a spare battery inside. Using a cheap lipo monitoring dongle that calls audible on low battery alarms, will then switch batteries and head home. Gives voltage of each cell as well - cool little unit about $2 from hobbyking. Raining today so I haven’t been able to give a test run. Have a USB programmer for the FVT on the way - is there any other way to change it’s operation for forward and brake control only ?


Yes to your question, you can change it to forward/brake mode only.

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How good are those multistar batteries? There is a topic on this forum that says they feel like old grandma batteries :smile: in terms of acceleration and torquiness.I was thinking of buying them but i changed my mind after reading the 10C discharge rate :expressionless:.When you do the riding test can you tell more about range and acceleration of the board?Also can you measure how much capacity is going into the battery when charging it,because i seriously doubt the stated capacity.Thanks :wink:

Just checked your other build out as i really like that board haha, have you tried wedging the trucks if you still wanted to have your motor facing forward?? Putting the trucks on an angle can help you turn better but have a look on google as there are good and bad ways to do it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip - I will have a look. I did like the stealthiness of the forward facing motor. I’m happy where it is atm as I seem to have fried my other vesc flashing the firmware back to default. The temp reading of the fets is all 300 to 400 degrees. These batteries were super cheap and as the board is for my 50kg fiance who kinda rides like a grandma I thought it worth the risk to try them. She still hasn’t got out of slow mode on my evolve GT. I really just wanted to see how easy it can be with this build. It’s super lightweight and she likes the flexiness of the vanguard. Not me, flex 3, feels like I could bottom out on it !

No Rain ! First runs on the vanguard and I really like it ! Max speed around 25k.

Which is better than I expected with my fat ass smothering it. Voltage dropped from 4.08 to 3.89 in 20 minutes. That seems ok to me. 6S and I’m 84kg on a flex 3.

really impressed with this board and the calibers. Really nice carving board. Tesseracts days may be numbered.

FVT esc works really well out of the box. I have the USB programming adaptor but I think I’ll leave it alone. If it aint broke… Smooth acceleration and braking. Fans a bit noisy but, meh, lets people know I’m coming.

Yeah I underestimated how nice my Vanguard was. I thought my Truncated Tesse would be much better, but I’m having second thoughts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Basketball courts are smooth. Love riding my jet spud on them. Lol

yep it’s my MDNA fix, metro district netball association. Went from there to south bank in brisbane and turned into a headwind which blew about 5s from my 6s battery. Think I’m experiencing some voltage sag from these nana batteries… Will wire them in parallel and see how it rides. Got my little bee fvt usb programmer today so reverse is gone. Left other settings as default for now. Has anyone ever reflashed the FVT firmware with the supposed eskate firmware ? Endless Sphere article on FVT custom firmware here.

ive got the same batteries, for my the acceleration on 2x 6s 10c batteries is fine, goes pretty fast if i max it almost to the point where i fall

Whats wrong with the Truncated Tesseract? I really want to use it in my build, haven’t been able to try one out yet in real life. How does it feel?

There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s definitely better than the vanguard in terms of a high speed build. The tesse is really stiff and it isn’t as fun to carve with.

Could you add a link to that multistar carry case? Is it the hard shell one, different?


Yeah it’s still a great deck I like the W concave. I thought this kind of speed deck would really suit me as I’m a snowboarder who lives in the tropics. I like my snowboard stiff and responsive, I hit 80k’s on my libtech straightlining it down the mountain so naturally I thought this kind of setup would suit me for an e skate as well. Not the case though, maybe it’s that bitumen isn’t as forgiving, maybe I’m mellowing in my old age, maybe it’s because I can’t slide, I just like to cruise. I added gullwing sidewinders to my tesseract to create a carvy surfy feel which comes natural with the vanguard.

Ah okay. Well my plan is to have a replica board of the Truncated Tesseract built by someone I know, but out of a different wood, maybe a but more flexible, but not too much. I just really love the shape of the deck.

Tried to make a better enclosure. I found this online round $5 ffrom amazon and thought I’d get some polycarbonate and use this as a mold, thus mirroring this case and forming a nice overlapped seal.

Placed a sheet of poly in the oven at work for around 30 minutes but it really wasn’t that pliable at all so out it came and I was to finish it off with the hot air gun, It took a bit of heat to get it going but it started to take shape. I used some steel rollers roughly the same diameter to hold the poly into shape. See where it started going wrong for me ?!? The poly can handle much higher temps than the ABS case which then started melting underneath :frowning: Epic fail loser !

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SO I’ve skated my first board on fire… I thought I was experiencing voltage drop from my 6s 10c lipo so I put the second one in parallel.

Ran really well !! For like 10 seconds then I was riding through a haze of smoke. Anyone else here rode a board on fire before ???

I thought it was the lipos so I quickly jumped off, noticed the FVT puffing away like a hippie at woodstock ripped it offf, tuck tail between legs and pushed home :frowning:

Have a hobbywing Max6 on the way so I’ll give that a go next.

Any idea why it started smoking?

I think its because it wasn’t designed to carry my fat arse up an incline ! Or I put too big a motor at the end of it. The software doesn’t have any options to limit power through, only voltage cut off.

The only setting I changed from standard was to turn off reverse