Feedback for 3D Print VESC Enclosure?

Hello esk8ters! I just learnt 3D printing in the past 1 week trying to design an enclosure for my board. Any suggestion and recommendations? I know it is shittt at this stage.

It’s a pretty good looking start! Can you provide some more screen shots from different angles? I can’t see much detail. What program did you use?

just updated the post. I am using Blender. However, when I upload it to shapeways or other 3D printing services, the preview of my design is…there are miserable lines sticking out which I cannot find in Blender. Got a long way to go I guess lol.

I suggest finding a model of your board and then do a cut away, will help with figment. Also printing in PETG with allow good flex.

Also regarding your model, if your having trouble there are a few tools you can use to make sure your model is solid, and download cura(a slicer) and slice it yourself to make sure it is printable then send it off. Most of the print services can’t calculate volume on large prints so best to ensure yourself.


Thanks for your suggestion. Which software are you using? I feel like blender is too hard for me lol.

I use sketchup but only because I halfway know it. If your learning I’d learn fusion360(its free) and one of the best

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+1 Fusion360 is the best CAD program I have used so far. Been using it for a long time. :smiley:

Alright. I will look into Fusion 360 since Blender can do so many stuff(animation, game design, etc.) some of the features that I don’t need might be a burden to my study.

Is Fusion 360 only geared toward product design? if it is I am going to switch Blender to 360 lol

Yeah fusion does have an animation engine but I haven’t needed to do any of that. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by product design? What exact features are you referencing?

Fusion can be used for any type of CAD, it even has a pretty advanced CAM interface, as well as 3D printing and stl manipulation functions.

Well, for product design what I really mean is to design my enclosure, haha. I do not need to worry about 3D print other stuff in my life.

Ah yes it will work perfectly fine for that. I designed my enclosures in Fusion as well.

Here’s mine, this and the picture above it in the thread are my build in Fusion.

Holy Fxxx! Your design is sexy! I am going to learn FUSION like RIGHT NOW.

Haha thank you :slight_smile: I get comments on it all the time when riding around my college campus

This picture is super cool cuz I managed to get a grip tape texture for the render. I’ve also upgraded to dual drive since then

What is your major man? If you are not some engineer or product design major I will hate myself.

Lol ya I’m in Mechanical Engineering, but I’ve also used like 5 other CAD programs (PTC Creo, Inventor, AutoCAD, etc.) from doing high school robotics. I used Fusion for my job over the summer for the last two years, Fusion is my favorite.