Feedback on a planned build

I am looking for some feedback on a planned build. I want to try to minimize expensive mistakes if I can. If there are any builders in the Philadelphia suburbs please reach out as I woud hope to use you as a resource during this process and maybe share some spots to bo boarding. I will be a weekend warrior so use will not be everyday and I am 195 lbs…

The base board is a dropthrough deck, with Calibar II 50 degree trucks and 83 mm Evolve wheels

That part was easy, althoguh I needed to undermount the trucks to avoid wheel bite. It may give me an opportunity to put the on/off swtich or battery indicator in the mount holes. Anyone have a plate for the top - for sale?

I am planning to buy the following Motor Maytech 6375 - 170kv motor (I was planning on a rear mount - should I worry about clearance?) If so I could go with a 5065 270kv being sold by psychotiller?

Mount and pulleys - If I go with the larger motor I was thinking of a 12mm belt and 16t / 36t pulley. Should this change if I go with a smaller motor. Was thinking of this set up

ESC - Focbox

Battery ++ Something as complete as possible - with BMS, indicator and switches, but I have no idea on the size I will need. I would like to be able to go 8 - 10 miles on flat surface. Chi suggested 10s4p. I would like recommendation on battery size and best place to buy - quality and price.

Enclosure will depend on battery size

Remote - open to any sugestions - need something as reliable as possible…