Feedback on battery enclosure design

Link below is a design for my 2 6s lipo batteries. These are the dimensions: Batteries Dimensions (LxWxH)- 5.60"x2.15"x2" You will see that the enclosure is split in 2 sections. Each of those sections should be 2.15 inches. If any of my dimensions are wrong please let me know if if someone wouldn’t mind updating it and giving me the updated file. Thanks!!

It is an stl file

It’s locked behind a permission-wall

alright give me a sec

If that doesn’t work this should

couldnt you just take screen shots and show us that like everyone else does? most of the people here probably wont have the knolage to say “x needs to be xmm thicker, try this”
I know im too lazy to download a unverified .stl from a guy I dont know just to see if the design is good enough. especially since all the links youve posted dont have any form of virus scanning.

sure totally understand will post screenshot stomorrow

and btw the files arw from drive and icloud. they are virus free.

Here is one pic:

Sorry if it’s a bit blurry. That’s the bottom. If anyone wants to open it the files are a few posts before this one!

This battery pack is very, very tall.

2 inches about

I’m using 2 6s lipo from genstattu.

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you could very easily make it look A LOT better. your cad skills are a bit sub-par :wink:

You are right, I’m not so great at cad designing which is why I wanted feedback on what to change

so harsh, give the dude a chance…frikkin doogie howser over here :slight_smile:


Thanks @mmaner, any suggestions

You can open the iCloud file and edit it if you’d like. I would appreciate it if someone can fix it up. It’s just a rough design