Feedback on DIYEBOARD A/T kit

Hi guys, I need feedback on DIYeboard A/T kits 5065 270k/v it’s has 6in wheel and ESC 1.1 or I should buy Focbox unity? This will be first build. Thanks

Would choose any type of vesc over any ESC, its just far superior. Theres a flipsky dual vesc variant GB going on check it out, only 120e for Europe if i remember correctly

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Thanks! Flipsky has new dual vesc I’m leaning toward buying it.

Just wondering how would you setup dual vesc one unit. Any tutorial I can read or watch. I’m very noob at this😂

I haven’t looked into this flipsky dual yet. But I know theres an internal canbus connection, so you don’t need a Canbus cable.

But you will need a PPM splitter

But as for other things, its just the same as using two controllers

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