Feel vibrations when riding help plz

Hey guys got a new deck and trucks and installed my old electronics. But when I started riding I feel all the vibrations of the road. It makes my legs sore after 15 mins of riding. Any ideas what could be causing this. The board is smaller in length but taller in height. Should I loosen the trucks maybe?

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Softer wheels make a world of difference. I was surprised how much of a difference I felt between 78A and 75A


U can try to add some ‘‘dampening’’ to your deck or your shoes…

Try to also look for shoes which are comfy and does not put pressure on your feet…

There’'s always an option to go and build pneumatic setup… but even then sometimes feet might start to hurt or get sore because of bad shoes or bad foot placement.

A more costly choice might be ‘‘avenue trucks’’ but im not sure either will that totally solve this case…

Try to look on the forum, I think there was a topic like this before already.

Some of the tips were ‘‘tricks’’ to dampen the vibration, either rubber riser pad in between trucks and deck, then some foam (or similar material) on the deck… and finally, shoes with good soles for vibration dampening too.

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I find it depends on the road conditions.

What works for me:

  • Thick padded shoes. I normally wear very thin shoes but on the skateboard I like the extra dampening.
  • Shock absorbers between the trucks and the board
  • Kegel Wheels - haven’t compared these to the flywheel clones, likely similar.
  • Smooth asphalt in good condition. Old worn out asphalt creates a lot of vibration and after 5-7 miles my feet start to get numb. I can do 20 miles on newer smooth asphalt.

I think if I was on worn out roads or a lot of sidewalks I’d probably build a pneumatic board maybe even with suspension.

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Damn mine are 85A that could be the problem

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yeh, then your wheel is probably the biggest culprit… Try to get 78A ones or so…

Not sure of price and availability but ‘‘stickies’’ made by Trampa might also work if all the other wheels are unavailable.

You can ask @whitepony about the feel of stickies… i think he had it documented quite well but the exact characteristics are a bit hard to come by from memory now :slight_smile:

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there is a long list of things that can be done - I also like a supersmooth ride and tested pretty much everything!!

  • soft wheels (90mm 75A abecs, 76A stickies were both great)
  • khiro 6mm shock pads were the best of the pads I tried
  • soft urethane pivot cups helped, same with softer bushings (obviously you need them as stiff as you need them to be for carving, but if they are softer, it dampens vibrations too)
  • flexy deck
  • soft skate shoes

same here my lower legs and heals where getting sore so my wife got me a pair of skechers arcade 2 trainers,im just back from a 12mile run and this is the frist time i have no pain and the board felt smooth hate to say it she was right…Im not going to tell her.