Female Hall Sensor end

I seen an earlier thread on Hall sensor wire extension cables, and the general conclusion was to just solder the wires longer. I already have the mini to VESC Cords, So i’d like to replaces the mini ends with a regular female plug. Anyone know where I can find these?

Where are you based? These guys do a good range of stuff from Germany. Here’s the link to the convertors. Not what you’re looking for but might save time and money in the long run? http://www.faradaymotion.com/cables-connectors/49-vesc-motor-hall-sensor-cable-20-cm.html

I have a lot of these. Send me a PM, you can have them for free.

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I have the converters, I was looking for female ends for the 6 pin to make extension cables, as I cant seem to find them anywhere

These? I think @BoostedBuilder was saying he has them?

Yes, that’s exactly what I am looking for. Thank you. I thought he meant the adapter cables.