Few parts left, vesc cableriser kegel pulley kit and enertion motor mount [EU/Denmark] [SOLD OUT]

Nothing left, everything sold and most of it arrived.

Thanks for this time!

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How much for the METR module? Shipping to sweden. =)

Hi, feel free to make me an offer.

And i can ship it for 4 euro as a letter :slight_smile:

Updated with prices.

My offer is 14 eur with shipping. Let me know

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Sorted the baseplates out as well now so they are mint.

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what are the dimensions for the enclosure (L / W / H)?

Hi, just sold it as you wrote the msg :slight_smile:

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SOLD: OKP Antispark Unik 29" Deck Unik Enclosure + foam seal Remote Motor Metr Trucks

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Mount, kegels pulley kit and Vesc is whats left :slight_smile:

Vesc Kegel pulley kit and E-Riser is all thats left.

What do you mean with custom upgraded 4.12 vesc? :grinning:

Special made :slight_smile: Not from a company directly, caps from a torqueboards vesc, rest of the parts are soldered on by a local guy that didnt do an amazing job so had MartinSp to fix it up for me.

Using same parts as the Esk8.de vesc or atleast most of them i had a while ago so should be a solid vesc.

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Didnt have a picture of the mount before but here we go, used cargrade paint on it and baked it so it should last.

All screws are there, also fixed up the carbonfiber så it looks great again.

How much would the shipping for the mount be?

If you give me your postcode and country name i can check :slight_smile:

Belgium 9971 (Haha silly me, how could I ask without you know that :joy:)

8 Euro as a parcel (3 - 10 day shipping) or 6 as a letter (14-30 day shipping)

I’m gonna skip on this one, gotta set my upgrade priorities well :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks anyway!!

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No problem :slight_smile: