Fiber glass work

Who else makes custom fiber glass enclosures other then @Eboosted and @bigben unfortunately their schedules are too loaded atm

I am not your guy, but I am curious about what you are trying to do?

I just need a custom enclosure made for an extended battery for a boosted board

Small design idea I’m working on.

Just an idea that this gave me but somebody should make flexible cases like on Trampa decks but for flexy longboard decks like the Icarus and vanguard

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Yea this is going to be flexible. Pretty awesome


I’m talking like a whole deck one tho, just a few inches inside wheel base

Yea it sorta already exists with Ernesto’s design. Segmented enclosures are the way to go with flexible decks.

Oooh can the Trampa ones be used on normal longboards?

Yea why not. As long as it fits. But I want to find someone who is comfortable with fiber glass to build mine

Yeah sounds good. Sorry back on topic

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