Fiberglass Enclosure Help

Hey guys. I’m looking to build a fiberglass enclosure to replace my abs one. I’m quite confused by the different types of fiberglass.

Anyone can recommend the correct one? I know I need some fiberglass and expoy resin. Looks simple enough to do.

Any thype will work coaxial, biwhatever idk the names the end result is the same And get that roller that pushes the air out! I would reccomend you the mat option

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Thanks for the tip!!

Any kind of cloth should work :slight_smile: However I dont recommend you to use mat, any kind of the E-glass in the link you send will work :slight_smile: S glass is stronger but more expensive…

Mat is easier to work with but not used with epoxy. Polyester or vinylester resins will work.

I used mat to contour corners and cloth over everything. My local hardware store had resin, mat, and cloth. It made it really easy.

Fiberglass can be a pain in the a?>*&^%! To make it a bit easier, use cloth, not mat and try Solarrez resin. Typical resin and hardner will start setting up in 6-8 minutes so it makes you rush (which you don’t want to do). Solarrez will give you time to get everything layed out properly as it does not setup until you expose it to sunlight. Also start small, maybe do a test piece so you can see what it is like to work with. It’s a trial and error process. You will fail a few times before you succeed.

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This is the product I am referring to.

Or you can use epoxy resin with longer curing time…t also gives better mechanical properties, the only dowside is, that it is more expensive…