Fibreglass enclosure questions

I was wondering if fibreglass enclousre will cause any issue with the signal for the transmitter.


Probably maybe if you want a enclosure ask a local if you live near a surf beach ask a local Board shaper to make you one

I dont think fiberglass by itself will block much(it will block more than air but I don’t think you will notice in a couple of mm) Carbon fibre certainly will block radio signal on the other hand

I’ve never heard of fiberglass blocking RF signals but it’s a known fact that carbon fiber does.

Thanks for the info.

I’ve made and used fibreglass enclosures also supplied quite a few. I’ve never had any problems or been informed of any problems with signal loss. Lonhairedboy also uses fibreglass on his builds and looks to be using fibreglass for the upcoming carvon boards he’s involved with too.

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