Fibreglass moulded enclosures. UK-EU?

Some of you may know I made this enclosure for my board a week or so ago. I made a mould for it to make them out of fibreglass. It seems a shame not to use the mould again, would one of these enclosures would be of interest to anyone? If not this one would it be worth my while making another mould for a different shape or size? I’ve got a 10s4p, large BMS and two older enertion VESCs tucked in here. It’s easy enough to drill and Dremel to put switches and plugs etc in and can be made in any colour. I have contoured it to the shape of my deck but I used foam rubber to take up the inconsistencies in a different shaped deck. The flange was left large on this one but could be cut down considerably. The external sizes of the enclosure are 550mm x 150mm x 45mm + whatever size flange. £45 for a bare enclosure in a solid colour plus postage at cost to wherever you are.


cool case! I would have definitely been interested had I not already ordered from @psychotiller this week

it’s great to have a potential new UK based enclosure supplier!


I definitely think you should do boosted style enclosures too for people with flexible boards.

I’m about to get a vanguard or a clone and I’ll be having battery up front, ESCs at the back…

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I’ll look into sizes and see if I can make some up.

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How’d this process work ? Do you think you could make a mold of my split style enclosures ?

It’s possible to do that but it’d seem a shame to rip off someone else’s work? Isn’t there a lot of unusable space in an enclosure like this? More form over function? I’m thinking about making a two part so any guidance on sizes would be good.

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Mhmm I made it to the exact dimensions of my 6s4p and the other side would be 4s4p+single vesc/switch/display/plug. But I could design the front one to fit an 10s4p. Similar to @Eboosted enclosures. Would be nice to have a split style option in the EU/UK.

Would you need the part to be hollow ? How is the mould process working ?

I made the plug (the shape i wanted for the outside of the enclosure) from wood then built up primer coats. Then rubbed it down and polished it. Fitted it to the board with wax for the radiuses and made the mould from this.

Just 3d printed my enclosures otherwise I would have been all over this option :+1:t2:

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Maybe one for the next build… You know theres gonna be a next build.

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Oh yes ! The process has begun ! only in my head so far though :thinking:

Hey Dave, since I’m all crippled, I haven’t shipped your enclosure yet, while I appreciate your business, I see you like that other enclosure. Did you want a refund to buy the local one? If not, I’ll ship tomorrow.

sorry to hear you are “all crippled” at the moment @psychotiller - hope you get back to fully operational capacity soon.

thanks for the update on the enclosure. I’m good to wait, if you could send when you get a chance that would be awesome.

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@bigben how does fibreglass deal with deck flex? i seem to remember reading somewhere its not a good combo ?

In my opinion fiberglass enclosures handle flex better than abs but nice abs enclosures are much more easier to produce. When abs cracks it’s game over but when fiberglass cracks it still holds tight thanks to fibers. But with shape of enclosure you can affect how well it flex.


The enclosure is rigid, I’ve mounted mine on 8mm foam rubber so there is a bit of give there. My battery won’t flex so best that my deck is reasonably rigid too! Fibreglass will flex without braking though. I made my kids a few boards and they’ve held up well. I don’t know if you remeber the older fibreflex boards? Some of them were solid fibreglass.

With as many abs enclosures as I’ve sold I’d think I would have heard if there were issues with them cracking… even if they did though liquid abs cement would fix it.
Both abs and fiberglass can be flexible.

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I’ve found ABS glues really well with the right cement/glue. Also you can hot weld it.

A plus with the fibreglass enclosure that sticking in other components like an XT90-s with epoxy is easy peasy!

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Those double kingpin trucks’ shape are suitable to any of the motor mounts on market or did you make a motor mount yourself?

I cheated and found evolve hangers with their mounts. I’d probably go with @psychotiller wide trucks if I built another one. The double kingpins don’t feel inspiring at over 25mph so I’m waiting for some different bushings to arrive.