Filling in holes + hardware to secure enclosure

So I screwed up real bad, drilled my holes before accounting for the curve the enclosure would endure for concave.

They’re 6mm wide because I used inserts.

My first thought was to use 2 part epoxy + a layer of sawdust just to get the color.

One more thing: I suck at precision so inserts are too hard to use for my dumbass. A countersunk hole & screw + nylock nut seems way more simple than inserts. I don’t know why nobody else has done this

You can fill them in with epoxy and pretty much whatever you want, from the top they will be/are covered by grip tape and from the bottom just sawdust is good. I would probably use T nuts instead of nylock/regular nuts because they are lower profile so it would stick out less on the top of the deck You are fine with filling the holes unless they are too dense and make the deck weak.

Ah thanks, i’ll probably still go with nylock since countersunk screws don’t look that bad imo and I kinda like the look of them from the top.

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Oh I see I got it wrong sorry my bad… I thought you wanted the nuts on griptape side…

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Had an Idea:

What if I flood this hole with epoxy and run a smaller bolt/screw through it? Then I can cover up the top countersunk part with griptape while still being able to remove the enclosure just by taking off the nylock nut.

What I do when filling holes while woodworking is get a dowel that fits the hole and glue it in. You can cut/sand it to fix the curvature of the deck. You won’t even notice the hole is there then you are done.

Same idea as this.

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