Filling in Holes?

How do you guys fill in old screw holes(In your deck) from your enclosure?

do you mean holes in the board? i used hot glue, it’s not pretty but keep water out

I have not tried filling in gaps but maybe something like Wood filler, No more gaps, Liquid nails.

Yah holes in the deck, from the old enclosure screws.

-put tape over one side of the hole. -flip the deck, -fill the hole 4/5 way up with baking soda. -slowly add in drops of superglue. It will dry rock solid. -repeat until the hole is filled

Thanks! 10 char

Epoxy worked for me

If your trying to reuse a stripped hole mix sawdust and wood glue into a paste. Pack the hole let dry. Then predrill the new hole. Works on old doors.