Final 1st build

Hi guys, I building my 1st build and I am not sure about compatibility or best functionality. Thanks for any answer. All parts: Focbox Tenka Flipsky 6354 motors 2x Zippy Compact 5000mAh 6S 30C remote VX1 non ESC Caliber 2 or MBS ATS12 trucks Backfire Ranger X2 deck Cloudwheels 120mm


Hey @W4kupa! Welcome to the ESK8 community.

First off please be very careful with those prismatic lipo packs. If you’re not familiar with lipos make sure you do lots of research on how to handle and store them. And a piece of advice I dont see repeated often enough, dont leave them out in the hot sun. If they get too hot they will puff.

What kv rating do those motors have? Did you work out your expected maximum speed and the gear ratios?

I do some research about a Lipo batteries and I know is worst than Lion. About motors I chose 190kv and 13T and 36T pulleys. I wanted to try chain drive, because I have experience with HUB and belt, but chain will be something new for me.

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