Final parts check before order- 1st build, another vanguard

Hi Esk8 builders community,

Been reading and researching for quite some time. Could use a second set of eyes before i commit to a few things. There’s a ton of great info here, but the esk8 world is exploding and information gets outdated very fast I’ve learned.

Purchased an Ownboard W1A in May as a way to get started and have been riding it as my full time commuter in Philadelphia ever since! It’s far from stock because the road vibrations made it nearly unrideable. Currently running 50/44 calibers, a 36” maple deck from amazon and it will remain a commuter for me. I’d like to pick up a new deck to further improve ride quality in the future. image|375x500

I live in Philadelphia and the streets are pretty rough here. Top speed isn’t a priority for me, the 22mph top I have now is too much for these road conditions and a 36” deck in most places. I’m really looking for the bottom and midrange torque and ride comfort.

I plan to get a new deck, maybe something bamboo to continue improving ride quality for that board as it will remain a commuter. Might even upgrade the ESC if it’s worth it.

Anyways, I’m ready to start building my second board and could use some help. It’s funded and just waiting for me to hit purchase. Here’s what I have so far: Vanguard flex 2

Caguamas and 90mm ABEC clones, caliber 50/44s

Boardnamics mounts

60 - 30q cells, planning a 3 or 4 p build at 10S Will 3D print the housings/enclosures

Here’s what Im looking for some reassurance on: Torque boards 6354 190kv motors - these seem to be the highest torque of the 6354s and are sensored.
Since I’ll be running 85 to 90mm wheels, was thinking 15t motor pulley and 36t wheel. VESC- eyeing the Flipsky 4.2 and 4.2 dual, any opinions on individual vs dual? There’s so much info- but I believe 4.2 cutouts are limited to 12s and these don’t have the problematic integrated anti spark switch. Antispark switch - need a recommendation that’s reliable and affordable. BMS- have seen several, would like to be able to charge at higher than 2A. Still wrapping my head around wiring one that bypasses discharge.

Really appreciate your time everyone as well as all of the great information and support here.

Eager to get started on this thing. Can’t wait to ride on the flexy deck at faster than kick speed.

Thanks again


You’re on track for a decent building so far, I would go straight to 77a Cags over any ABEC clone and possibly a larger wheel if you can (TB 110mm, ABECs, Popocas 90mm, BKB 97mm), TB6355 motors are pretty good and will get you reliable power, the FSESC 4.20 isn’t bad as long as you stay at 10s but it’s slightly more reliable to get 2 single ESCs and run split PPM.

If you are using the ownboard ESC it needs to be a hub motor or the erpm will be way off

Alternative is get the BKB kit and deck swap it, it’s a hella nice kit with a good balance of parts at a great price


Saw the BKB and several others. Even considered the ownboard w2.

Appreciate the feedback. I’ll order individual VESCs (kinda wanna try them on the ownboard one day too :rofl:) as well as the TB motors.

I prefer my 77a caguamas over popocas. At 22mph you have the reaction time needed for bad roads. (That said though I’m upgrading to pneumatics, but mainly because I want to ride in the rain and go fast)

Keep in mind that on standard calibers dual TB 6354 motors will only fit 12mm pulleys.

As for an antispark – it’s worth just getting a beefy BMS with discharge and integrated e-switch. Those work reliably, unlike all anti-spark switches on the market currently.

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I have had good luck with these anti-spark switches:

I use the Torqueboards Vesc 4.12’s I have a dual setup 12s, and single setup 10s. Never had any issues.

Your pulley setup sounds good - That is a standard setup.

XT90s loopkey is reliable & cheap as [email protected]%. I use a bestech d140 for the bms charging at 4a. good luck with the build!

I think the 12mm belts should be fine. I can always pick up an e caliber in the future

So better to just buy an adequate BMS to discharge through? And the 77a cags is what I have

Realizing I need to pick up a remote too. Might grab one from flipsky

Yes, until @3DServisas resume selling their anti-spark with proper inrush current handling, BMSes with e-switches (or just loop-keys) are the way to go.

Ah nvm, looks like it is available again:

Also Pryside has one in development.

But as you can see from the price, just getting a BMS with an e-switch makes more sense for you.

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Ill order a BestTech d140 then

Gonna order the BMS, VESCs and motors tonight. Might get the pulleys from TB as well while im there

Any remote opinions? Flipsky Vx1 maybe

That BMS is charge only & has no switch by the way. I use xt90s since its only a few bucks and works well. BKB sells the bms if you want to buy from the US

I like the VX1 remote, battery life is a bit poor but you can swap a bigger one in.

@dickyho also sells some quality & cheap pulleys. Good value if you want to get a few different wants and play around with gearing ratios.


Flipsky should be having a sale this week. So I’m buying all my parts from them this weekend. They told me to keep an eye on their website…

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good to know!

Is there a better BMS? Or can I just run any switch on that BMS

You can run any switch since it doesn’t connect to the BMS, just somewhere in the circuit. Bestech one is reliable, cheap & compact.

:o thanks for the info i’m thinking of picking up an esc. guess i’m blowing more money this week

d952acba62e54f9e530d54406bb4299e_1200x Picked up a new deck for my daily driver board

Have the 6355 190KV motors from Torque Boards in my cart and ready to order. Before I pull the trigger, any options for more affordable pulleys? They offer a 15t/36t combo that will cost me $100 for both sides, which seems like a lot I have the option of 3d printing the wheel pulleys. All in all it will probably only save me $50, but didn’t want to overlook other options

I think I mentioned earlier @dickyho pulleys. Cheap and quality, rare to come across.

If you message him he waives the eBay fees, comes to about $16 per wheel pulley iirc and $2 for aluminium motor pulley. Steel ones are somewhere $5-8?

Cheap belts too, $2 per. Only thing is shipping is from China so would be more beneficial if there’s other things you want to pick up from his shop.

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Thank you. Had just read that and forgot what thread it was in :see_no_evil: what I get for trying to think on nightshift

I’ll reach out to him and get the pulleys from him. 280mm belt should work with the boardnamics mount? That’s what comes with the TB setup. They’re cheap through him as well

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Are you using idlers? My friend is running the mount no idlers with 15/36 gearing and uses 270mm length. With idlers probably would be a bit longer (320 maybe).

Oh for the motor pulleys not a bad idea to get a few and try out different gearings :slight_smile: Ive used both the steel & aluminium ones and have both held up equally as fine.