Final Thoughts on dual 6368 build

Hi everyone.

I would like to hear your thoughts on my second ESK8 build. I have a last decision to make which you can read about in the end

first of i use

30X LG HG2 from Aliexpress for a total of 87.5 dollars, (and yes i checked they are original cells) they will be used in a 10S3P config (

2X 6368 190kv motors from Aliexpress again ( (110 dollars)

4x 6x2 inch wheels with 3d printed hubs ( (51.2 dollars)

2x Maytech VESC putted together with 2 large caps instead of 6 small (166 dollars, bought from friend)

2x 3d printed motor mounts with reinforced inner (steel rods)

Then my dilemma is what kind of board and trucks i should buy. I have thought of a Trampa board with trucks, but they are really expensive, so i found the TorqueBoards 218mm trucks, but then i just need to find a deck.

Any advice/thoughs is well taken

If you use 6384’s with 3d printed motor mounts,…makes sure your medical insurance is up to date.


We dont need insurrence over here.

yeah, cause that’s the point I was trying to make.

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Dude, get a real mount for 20$ or pay the hospital bill and suffer for a month or two, is it really worth risking it with using fucking plastic for something that carries your around


I know the plastic mounts work i have used them for over 100km on my single motor board. So its no problem just as long as you know how to print it and how to reinforce it

100km isnt a lot though, i can put 180 ish km on my board in a week.


Hmm… $2.9/cell for HG2? Seems too good too be good…

How did you «check» they were legit?


You asked for advice and everyone is advising against 3d printed mounts, that seems like a no brainer to me, but if you are that confident in the strength of your 3d printed mounts why not make some 3d printed trucks as well? I mean if you reinforce it properly it should be good


I have bought some Panasonic cells from them before which where perfectly legit brand cells. And then the celler is also Aliexpress certified as a top brand (

The reason why its cheap is because they can sell the cell legally without brand name, they rebrand them to liitokala

You have to know the strength of the material. You cant print trucks they hold to much weight.

Maybe @nikoli280 is talking about this kind of printing :wink:

Who knows…

The amount of torque that those motors will be putting out just to spin up (and brake) such a large wheel like that will likely stress the mounts too much to the point of failure over time, it might not happen for 200km but I’m willing to bet sooner or later it will, if reinforced 3d printed mounts were reliable you would probably see them everywhere

If only i were

Those motors don’t have sensors.

Could be, but I would imagine trying to print something in that material would cost just as much as buying a proper mount, that’s stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime lol

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The size of the wheel should not matter as long as the drive systems is adjusted. I have as said used a single drive system with a 6374 motor and new used more than 700W on my 2200W setup. Why do you think 2 motors would stress the motors so much? I will not be using the board offroad or in the woods its not made as an mountainboard

I have been on wait for the hobbyking mounts for a while. i think they will work better than the plastic of course.

but my question is what kind of deck should i get?

Thats kinda up to you…

Bigger wheels=Bigger rotating mass, the gear drive setup simply dictates your top speed and acceleration but larger wheels like that will most definitely draw more amps on startup and require more torque, torque that is directly supported by your motor mount