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Finally broke my first motor! 2k Miles!

I was cruising along about 3 miles into a trip to go thrift shopping when I heard a jangling type of sound, I thought maybe my belt suddenly was missing teeth, or maybe my case popped open and was dragging on the sidewalk, but my throttle was still working, the motor was STILL WORKING with the stator mount broken off. It’s only 102F outside today, so I wasn’t concerned with heat (yes really). I’m sure it was the long term stress of a tight belt and curb hopping that did it.

I’ve been using this for approximately 20 months, give or take two weeks. I don’t’ recall the exact date, but I remember buying my board, then the mount (Oct 2014), and the motor as soon as I had the mount, then my first set of electronics from HK (Nov 2014). If I estimate that 1/3 of the time the board was non operational due to the nature of entropy (shit breaks), that gives me 396 days of use, and with a minimum of 5 miles a day for work and groceries on the weekends, that’s 1,980 miles MINIMUM I’ve put on this motor. That doesn’t include the extra days off when I charged up twice for extra night riding fun.

I paid $140ish at a local hobby store, so about $.07 per mile. IF I EVER GET MY R-SPEC, I’ll keep better track and find the cost per mile in comparison, assuming I can break the R-Spec.

So what kind of mileage is everyone else getting from their motors?


That’s pretty good man…and I know you can ride hard lol…

It’s a shame you haven’t killed any 63mm motors, my coil and bearings are still really good. I’m going to find a clamp and try to JB weld it, but if it fails, i have a 245kv coil that just needs some phresh phase wires. It looks like the mount broke on a threaded section, but I can’t unscrew it without a second pipe wrench.

9/10 would purchase this motor again. Would be better in a lower KV though.

lol don’t wish that upon me lol

I have a pipe wrench

well, if you had gone bigger you might not have killed so many. Dont’ worry, I’m sure i’ll catch up.

It’s all good, I’ll stop at the swap meet on my way home from work and probably be up and running again by this time tomorrow. I might just wait for the new mount and r-spec though, it’s going to ship six days ago.


I have never broken a motor yet… (touch wood)

(not including serviceable parts)