Finally retired my first build. New one coming soon

After three reliable years and over 1k miles on my very first build. I finally have to retire it. The motors are shot, the VESC are outdated and burned out, and the batteries only hold a 75% charge.

First Build: Moose Drop down deck 36V 13Ah battery Dual 5055 1400W 270KV motors Dual VESC 4.12 from hobbyking 97mm Wheels 32/16 2:1 gear ratio with 10mm belt Caliber II 40 trucks

This baby gave me a solid 3 years of transportation to and from work cruising at a nice 28-30mph (according to Waze)

New Build: Unknown deck (still deciding) Dual 6374 2900W motor FESC 4.2 dual ESC 32/16 2:1 gear ratio 100mm wheels 48V 21ah battery caliber II 50 trucks (to be upgraded to trampa 12Fifties)

Also, Quick question.

How does the motor sensors hook up to the VESC? VESC is 6 pin and motor is 5 pin.

Update: Here are some pictures of the new setup. The deck is not what I will be using, I was just making sure my new custom battery mounts worked. (Motor mounts from boardnamics.) But motor and truck setup is what I will use until I get 12fifties69383411_477601822818325_3523985705334210560_n 69761286_635147793674943_6308084438332866560_n 69808237_437193763812906_2429614839878909952_n

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If the motor only has 5 pins it doesent have a temp sensor (don’t worry about not haveing a temp sensor) so you wound need to make an adapter from 5 pin to 6 pin.

Is there a pinout for the VESC? I can easily cut the wires and repin to a 6 pin connector

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The red is 5v black is gnd and on the order of the other 3 I belive don’t make a difference.

If it’s the flipsky 4.2 100a dual you’re going for, here you go Screenshot_20190831-221921_Adobe%20Acrobat

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Thank you good sir

48v = 13s?

Don’t cut. Just remove the pins and replace into the right connector.

Are there still issues with 12s+ on the 4.2?

Ive decided to make an extension hardness from 5 to 6 pin since I need another 5 inches of length anyways

not that I know of. I was running 48v before no problem at all. Only moved to 36v because I lost a few cells and had to rebuild my battery. The ones from hobbyking were pretty solid. Pretty sure the 4.12 are rated for 60v I have seen some of the other one on the market that a few friends of mine purchased and they didnt last at all.

Btw, its actually super simple to re-wire JST connectors with tweezers and a careful hand you don’t need to do any splicing or anything. I haven’t seen a video on it but I might be able to make a little one if you think it would be helpful?

Thats some impressive work right there it really looks so good and i hope it sure is a beast. Tweakbox Appvalley

@mkit08 what did you use as battery enclosures? It looks great!

just fyi…on my first build i tried/used a washer on the outside of the idler to keep the belt from drifting…however…if the belt does drift and touch the washer it will grind down your belt due to friction since the washer doesnt actually spin with the bearings… which is why the lips on a motor pulley and wheel (if the wheel pulley has one) doesnt harm a belt…

I’ve switched to using washers with rounded edges. Doesnt harm the belt anymore.

It’s an ebike battery from bionix

Here are new updated pics.

Last thing I am waiting on is the ESC

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