Finally US vendor will ship lithium battery to hawaii

Hi, guys

Just want to share! finally found a US vendor will ship lithium battery to Hawaii Received my battery last week LG 10S5p.Thank you Chris! If your like me, don’t want the hassle building your own battery pack check his web store. I’ll post my battery review next week. Pardon my English second language.


That‘s great news.

Just… let’s not forget that the cells used in this packs are 7-10A discharge cells. As min if to chose between the 3 different types he offer on the website. 50A max discharge for a 5P pack might be not enough for some of us.


Andy makes a very good point , there are different cells for different applications, and let’s not forget that, the older the technology, the less impressive the mAh amount is or the highest amp discharge

At the corner of affordable and best for you is the Samsung 25r or 30q

I agree. I’m well aware of the battery specs and perfect for my needs only cruise 15-20mph no more damn scary😂 I bought the battery bcz the price is really good and he can ship to Hawaii. Shipping a lithiums battery to Hawaii almost impossible because of our current laws. If you know any vendors recommendation able to ship a lithiums battery to Hawaii. Greatly appreciated!

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I would bet @hyperIon2 could serve you up a premium battery

e: @808Chopz can we see the pack? I want to compare it to the other pack that someone has

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IMG_20190216_183700408 IMG_20190216_183646028 not the best wrapping also it’s works

Out of curiosity what shipping company did it come with? I could never find an economical way to ship batteries legally, and anything over (i think) 99wh requires a bunch of training certificates

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I run max 40 amp cells and have not encountered to use more than 32 amps to hit top speed on flats. Given that we don’t have many hills :stuck_out_tongue: tho.

Main bottleneck is my underpowered motor for single build lol

I would not depend on that battery, looks really dangerous, just by its shape

Ship by USPS priority mail.

It looks fine, just poorly wrapped… 20 seconds and a hair dryer might fix that if there is still more ‘shrink-ablility’ in the shrinkwrap

e: I wouldnt advise this though, not sure if the pack is already snug in there or not. Could just be cosmetic

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I was hoping you would send pictures of the bottom, @RealaPolarBear has a weird white piece of something, and I wanted to know if your pack has it as well.


this ( not the label, lol)

I’m going to take apart my board today, will take a pics bottom area.

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Im just trying to gauge Chris, at times he seems genuine, but others just leave me scratching my head


Also put 50+miles tons of hills so far no problems.

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I am willing to pay you the price off new heatshrink to open this one. I like to see the inside work off the packs who members/company’s sells. I share also always the inside off the pack.

I was planning to do that rip the heatshrink check inside, but not today. Sometime in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.