Find battery for motors

i found this hub motors i saw the instructions about how to find a battery for the motor but it didn’t help me at all. can you suggest me or help me find battery that fit the motor specs.

Prebuilt or diy? 18650 or lipo?

10s4p Samsung 30q always good. Or get two 5s 5ah 60c lipos from hobbyking.

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Well it depends on the esc aswell

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And the space and the budget

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ty for your answer before i will answer that I want too make sure that my motor choise is right. Im looking for esk8 that will have allot of torqe for going over hills and max speed could be around 20-25 kmh-that will be enough. That motor is right for my goals? If it isn’t what would be a right choise? (I prefere hub motor because of the free wheels). TY

Im in the planing stage- starting from a motor and battery and esc. after that i will deal with all the rest of the build. my budget is flexible but its around 500$-600$

If you look for some good hubs than go with this

With good hubs you also need good esc… So focbox, vesc etc. which easily can be already 200-300$ A good battery another 300$ min and with it you already over your limit. You could go with a single hub :thinking: that would safe you some money… but i‘m not sure if this is what you want.

Sorry for that but I don’t know so much about the quality of the budget esc and hubs. But here quite some people who have a setup like you plan to have. Maybe somebody can share some experience?