Finding Parts In The UK

I’ve been debating whether or not to build my own board over buying a board off the shelf. After a few months of research and working out how much I can afford to spend I have decided to build my own board. However I know next to nothing about building a board. I’m also wary of LiPo batteries in particular charging them. The space cell from enertion looks fantastic but I’m not a huge fan of getting stuck with hundreds of pounds in taxes and duties. If anyone has any idea of good places to get components I would be hugely thankful.

Here u go :slight_smile:

Thanks. Do you have any idea for alternitive to LiPo batteries that ship from europe?

Enertion has an Eu warehouse. The manager @nexty is on the forum. Perhaps he could shed some light on shipping and duties to you.

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Thanks for the help I’ll ask some more questions.

Hey, I’m having real trouble sourcing part in the UK. So far I have:

  1. Caliber 2 Trucks
  2. DIY Aluminium Motor Mount
  3. Deck

I need to source

  1. 36T + 15T Pullys (I think thats what I want… Ill be running 10s Lipo and a 6372 170 or 190KV)
  2. I need the belt too.

Ill use Kegel wheels from Amazon Ill use an Alien Power motor Ill use a VESC

So I guess its mainly the pullies that Im finding difficulty sourcing. ProtoBoards are sold out. Any ideas… eBay!?

A list of places in the EU I have found that sell motor and wheel pulleys. All have there own version so pick what style you like best.

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1 Like should be able to sort out most of your order


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