Finding the right parts (Motor/BMS/VESC/DriveTrain)

Hi guys,

so what i already have:

  • Finished Longboard (Jucker Hawaii 180mm tracks, Orangatang 80mm 83a,…)
  • 4P10S Li-Ion Battery out of Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh - 20A

For the rest i need help with, because I am unsure wich parts to choos or If I got the right ones.

I am sitting on this project for quite a while now so I hope someone can help me figuring the last steps out :slight_smile:


I think your list is okay! Im not sure about bmses… though the one you linked which costs 159 eur (ouch) does seem like could be a really good one… If I had to pay over 100 eur for bms only, I would probably choose Batman opensource bms, which is floating around in the forum (though some waiting for it might be needed)

As about vesc part- looks like you are covered there, just take a look which one you get faster / cheaper, as both should be pretty good (though i would probably choose focbox as that one is more familar by now on the forum side and I just have a personal like towards, even though ive heard esk8 made vescs are good too)


you can try to search for them on ebay or ask @SimosMCmuffin when is he going to get a batch of some of them.

There is serious belt talk going on, you should consider whenever you are going with 9mm, 12mm, or 15mm belts for your setup…

As about the mount, if you go with something similar as caliber, maybe you could contact @laikiux

I think he has made a mount for calibers II and 6364 turnigy motor exactly but you have to ask / decide whenever the ‘mount ring’ will fit or not… I dont really got time to check your trucks but im afraid they might be with round profile, so you got to ask him, as I think someone asked on his thread, whenever the mount would fit ronin trucks

As about the motors..

I would go with turnigy, maybe the wires are stiff but I somehow dislike Alien motors. If the axle is 8mm for that motor, you might be okay but one thing I disliked a while ago, was that they offered a lot of motors with just 10mm axles… Plus, I think some of them gives off extra noise… but you should search around a few reviews from people who are actually using them.

So motor wise - with hobbyking your biggest problem might be having these motors in stock in Eu warehouse, be aware that ordering them through china might give you customs tax, if the item price exceeds certain amount, so in that scenario, if all the viable hobbyking motors in eu warehouse are out of stock and you are in a hurry, you might as well order alien motors…

On a side note (after checking alien motors), they have advantage over turnigy, that they have sensors, which might be extra useful for starting from standstill and so on.

But yes, you might need ‘special’ keywayed 10mm pulley for that axle, maybe it is possible to fit ‘stock’ grub screw pulley but then you need to look around. I just made a 'flatspot on my axle and I have grub screw pulley attached to it.

If you wanted to save a bit on motor and didnt want to wait, I could show you 200kv motor, only 5065 size, with hall sensors, which im sort of planning to order in the future, it is a chinese one, but I think they are reliable enough and can bring the price down a lot, especially if considering to go dual drive… so yeh, if interested, let me know and I can send you a link for it.

I hope Ive covered more or less some parts, I think you are on the right path, you just need to check pricing / availability of these things to continue further :wink:

Btw… as I suspect you are from Lithuania, I think you should get in touch with a few other builds in LT then :wink:

Thank you so much you really helpt me out :smiley: I am from Austria but never mind ^^

Because I only want one motor i need a strong one and i think the 5065 size will be not strong enough in single.

do you know if 3d-printed drive hubs are strong enough with a 12 or 15mm belt?

nah wont be able to help with 3d printed parts, havent tried these, there are a few users who might help with that…

I think @ maxid has some topics about it where he might have mentioned…

hah too bad, your name forum seemed to be lithuanian and then I checked the bms page and these guys also seemed to be from Lithuania, so I suspected they might be local to you and that you are also from there :wink: